I’m gonna learn ya my philosophy

  • So, today is Rutgers big game and everyone in my neck of the woods is going ape shit. Personally, I hope they win because the school needs to have a winning team to get some major money coming in. What I am not looking forward to however, is the fucking huge mess of traffic that’s going await me when I get out of work today. They’re already thinking of closing down some of the streets near me in preparation of the traffic rape that’s coming into town in the next few hours. I really wish I knew some more people outside of work in my area so that I could at least pass the time at a local restaurant getting my martini drink on.
  • Today I need to go birthday present shopping for my mom’s birthday which was yesterday. Tomorrow my sister took the easy way out and is taking all of us out for her birthday, so now I haveta get her a decent gift. The problem is that she really doesn’t like getting stuff for her birthday. A few years back she told me to get her this ninety dollar facial cream that I have to get at the local Nordstrom’s. She told me to just get it for her every birthday from here on out because she loves the stuff but refuses to spend 90 bucks on it, but it’s more than good enough for her son to. Heh, go figure. Anyway, I’ll probably break down and get her that cream again, but I just feel like I am cheesing out on a gift for her… Anyone have any ideas? First off, jewelry is out as are gift certificates. If she gets another vase, I think she’s going to chuck it along with the gift giver out the window. She’s not too techy and she’d rather get that stuff for Christmas if anything… So, what’s a son to do?
  • It looks as if Comcast has finally taken care of teh intarwebs problem we have been having in our apartment for the last three months. They came out and replaced the splitters, the cable modem, put us into a new port on the cable punch down outside and put brand new wires in our place. When the guy left, we had a fuzz free picture on the TV and our bandwidth rates stayed at a steady 8mb/sec. Since we upgraded to the digital cable, we hovered at the 768k/sec mark and had constant packet losses every few minutes which of course affected our abilities to do work from home, download mega amounts of pr0n and of course play World of Warcraft. I celebrated the evening by power leveling my little dwarf priest from 56 to 58 doing all manner of quests and instance runs. Hoorah! He merrily drank copious amounts of ale in celebration. I wonder if he hooked up with that hawt night elf rogue when I left him at that Stormwind City inn…
  • In response to your MySpace comment Angie, I miss your face too! Git dat sexy ass back over to Jersey so we can hang out again and I can show you some very tall and hard objects …in NYC! The buildings… yeah, buildings. 😉
  • Anyone know what happened to Niecy? Looks like her LJ is gone… Dave is very sad now… Very sad. :((

2 replies on “I’m gonna learn ya my philosophy”

Have you thought of getting her a foot massager or something like that?

As for WoW, when are you going to hop on to the Magtheridon server? I’m dying to play and level up my mage more but I really need to get this mess of an apartment cleaned and put away~!

Hmmm, hey now that’s an idea! Oh wait, I already did that and it’s still gathering dust in her closet. 🙁 Heh, she’s real hard to shop for…

Bah, looks like my WoW days are again limited, tried to play again last night and kept on getting disconnected because my bandwidth went down to zero too many times to not sure what the heck I am gonna do. :((

Ahhh, dang that’s a PvP server. Not a big fan of those at all… :((

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