I really do not mind it being Monday oddly enough…

So this weekend the chickie and I went to see Flags of our Fathers and I’d have to say is was a very interesting and highly recommended film if you’re into war history. Oddly enough, I think D and I were the only two people in the theatre who were not war veterans which made watching it rather odd because I think a few of the gents in there were having some serious flashbacks. Either way, it’s a very interesting take on the whole staged Iwo Jima photo and how the people who “participated” in it were treated and how their lives changed afterwards. If you’re a bit on the squeamish side with regards to the battle scenes, I suggest you do not see it as you can also call it Saving Private Ryan with Japanese soldiers instead of Jerries. Personally, I think the war gore was way more realistic than in Ryan, but more tactfully done if that makes any sense. Some of the older folks in the audience did not appreciate the Pulp Fiction-ish “time jump” theme throughout the movie, but it made pretty good sense to the chickie and I and helped to answer a lot of the questions that you come across while watching it.

We also went to this local restaurant called Triumph and while people in Princeton rant and rave about the place (as with most of other restaurants in that town), I’d have to say I was fairly disappointed again. You see, the people in Princeton have a very snobbish attitude about their town, especially their restaurants and it just irks me. This is more so when talking good food with one of it’s natives. Personally, I think most of the food in that town is extremely overpriced for the suckage factor. However, there is one restaurant that is quite good and relatively inexpensive but sometimes a little variety is in order. So, take a bit of advice from me if you’re interested in having some food in the township of Princeton.


Save yourself the money and just drive the extra 45 minutes to Philly. Now that town knows muddafucking delicious food. Especially if you do not want to pay the NYC prices, Philly is most definitely the way to go in terms of finding a great assortment of delicious cuisines in an easy to navigate town.

Did anyone by chance by Neverwinter Nights 2? I managed to pick it up this weekend and I’m pretty bummed to admit that I am just not at all into it. I tried to play it for a good couple of hours and just found myself being way too aggravated trying to make the game work to my liking. The camera and the movement just suck ass and is a pain to deal with, the quests are a little too boring and most importantly the graphics just suck. I mean they really do suck. This game is nowhere near as grand as the original Neverwinter Nights which was just a wholly terrific game to play. I guess having Atari/Hasbro create it just ruined the series in my opinion. I don’t know, I think I am just too pampered by World of Warcraft to enjoy another RPG-ish type of game. However, I did also “acquire” Company of Heroes last week and I’ll have to admit that I really like that game. It’s an RTS like Starcraft but with army people and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play! Because of the craptastic ISP that I have, (Comcrap) I haven’t been able to hop on WoW for longer than 4 minutes at a time for the past month and a half, so it’s good that I managed to find a game to satiate my gamer fix for the time being while my roomie and I plot our destruction of the Comcast offices…

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I’m glad I saw this entry before I bought NWN2 for Steven for Christmas! We will have Comcrap, too. So far we’ve been stealing Internet from some of the neighbors wireless… we get comcrap today.

Yeah, I mean I was a huge fan of the first NWN so this new version is such a disappointment to me. However, that’s not to say Steven might not like it… The full version is already out in the newsgroups so you can download that and if he likes, get the real one. I wish I would have went with my gut, downloaded the warez version to save myself the 50 bucks I spent on it this weekend…

Ugh… Comcast just sucks the big one. They have *never* been good and the part that sucks most is that our town is only allowed to get access/cable from them. :((

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