The vampire Gustav!

So goes another weekend and a bit of fun was had for a slight change this weekend.

I haven’t been to a Halloween party since I was in grammar school, so when the girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go to a shin dig at one of her work mate’s houses, I got totally psyched for it. At first we were both planning to go as Captain Kirk and Uhura from Star Trek fame, but the captain’s outfits and Uhura’s get up were all sold out from the typical costume web sites. So, we both looked at eBay for some authentic uniforms and they came out to be at least 125 bucks a pop for both and we really did not want to dump that type of dough into the outfits. So last week, we hit the local Party City and found a set of cool looking vampire outfits and a bunch of make-up goodies and stuff. I didn’t want to go for the whole generic white faced vampire look, so I opted for just darkened eyes and black lips and nails. We both tried vampire teeth, but they all sucked and kept on falling out, so that kind of sucked but we dealt with it.

We got dressed up Saturday night and headed off to the party!

I vant to suck your blood!

Not too sure why that photo came out blurry, but according to the g/f the camera has a very slow shutter speed so things get blurry a lot with her photos. Eh well, I liked the pic nonetheless and we all had a ton of fun there. Afterwards, we were starving for some human food, so we ventured off to a diner and essentially freaked a bunch of people out when we walked in. It was pretty hilarious, but the wait staff loved our costumes:

So, how’s your bloody marys?

We didn’t stay up for too much longer sadly because she was running in the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure that her company was sponsoring in Princeton the very next morning. It was a pretty massive event and there were a HUGE amount of people there, but fun was had by all. She wound up being way too tired from the night before so she opted to do the walk instead when she got there. I wound up joining her on the walk to keep her company and it’s a great cause, so I figured it was the least I could do. However, I think I may have inadvertently gotten someone in trouble because I did not have one of those race things on me when I showed up on the finish line with her. They gave me some rather disconcerting looks, but my guess it was due to the whole liability issue from their standpoint. Either way, what I found the most odd is that when you finished the walk/race you get sent to a tent where they give you food, an apple and a whole mess of donuts. Yes, donuts. WTF is up with that?? I can understand giving you a fruit and water to help you get replenished, but to also give you a whole heap of donuts? Don’t know but I found that rather odd.

Not too much else happened this weekend other than some good relaxing yesterday after the event. How was yours?

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Awesome pics!!!

And yeah I 100% see why that last pic is now your PC background. YOWZA!!!!

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