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  • Alright, so who is using LJ Talk here? I’ve been trying to get to work via the app I use to IM here at work and no such luck for me. Seeing if it’s worth it for me to use at home with the app I use there.
  • I always find myself looking for neat photos on Flickr and nothing’s better than the photo stories people tell for the random memes there. For instance, on this “Tell a Story in Five Frames,” we see what can happen to some people when they go on a roller coaster. You wouldn’t believe how hard I laughed when I saw that story! There’s also this one which just speaks volumes about communication in relationships and this one and there’s a WHOLE slew more for those of you looking to waste some time today. 🙂
  • Speaking of Flickr, I uploaded two photos of the pottery the chickie and I painted a couple of weeks back

Yeah, I should get over myself now… :p

Anyway, as I clued in on my last entry a very old and close friend of mine came back into my life very recently from of all places, MySpace (go figure!). I have never really discussed her before because well, thinking about her really bummed me out since we have not spoken to each other for about seven years before last week. Her name is Natasha and we’ve known each other since the since the sixth grade. We became fairly decent school buddies up until the eighth grade when I moved a couple of towns over and as with all moves in that time of your life, we pretty much did not talk much to each other after that. That is until my sophomore (or was it junior) year of high school when I happened to run into her at her high school’s football game while I went to visit a friend. Oddly enough she was on the cheer leading team and my oh my did she fill out nicely when I saw her. No longer was she the skinny little tom boy I knew a few years earlier, instead she was the spitting image of Madonna in her “Like a Virgin” video with the exception of being quite top heavy if you catch my drift… So um yeah, you bet your funky asses I made sure I got to know her better from that point on. 😉

We stayed in touch and hung out every once in a while getting to be good friends and through an odd turn of events we wound up working in the same mall together. Over time, we got closer and because of a mutual attraction and an obscenely healthy dose of raging hormones on both our parts, we wound up getting pretty intimate as the years progressed. We never had a chance to officially be in a “relationship” because well, during the times we were “close” we were also attached to our own significant others. Now it’s nothing to be proud of, but we were some pretty horny kids who just happened to be close friends who shared a lot with each other, so it made it very hard not to be intimate with each other.

Fast forward a few years and it’s time to graduate high school and make some pretty big choices in life.

I was a fairly smart kid back in high school (though no match for my little brother), so I pretty much had my choice to attend all of the colleges I applied to. Most of my friends (and girlfriend at the time) were going to Rutgers Pharmacy so it was assumed that I would follow. I also got accepted with a 3/4 full ride to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy which at the time was I think the best pharm school on the East Coast. Tasha by some weird turn of events got accepted to a school no more than 15-20 minutes from MassPharm…

She wanted me to go to Massachusetts.

Long story short: I went to RU, she went to Mass and dropped out a week after she enrolled. She moved in with a family friend in Bloomfield, NJ and shortly thereafter they started dating. Then a couple of months down the line she called me from Florida where she just wound up uprooting herself to from Jersey to live with the guy who was transferred there by his job.

Crazy eh??

Slowing it down a little, we were still best of friends and talked as often as we could. Roughly twice a year for a couple of years, I would borrow my dad’s car and make the drive from New Brunswick, NJ to Orlando, FL to visit her. Over time, we both grew a lot closer towards each other and we started talking about being and staying together after she stopped dating the gent she moved down there with. Of course, with me being in Jersey (in a relationship as well) and her being in Florida, that was close to an impossibility. Though, in all honesty had she asked me to be with her, I more than likely would have dropped everything here to go down there knowing me back then. A bit more time passed and we started talking less and less on the phone which I suppose was for the better because we both knew we needed to move on with our lives. She started dating someone and I was in the process of ending my relationship with Stephanie (my last ex) and soon after that Tasha and I just stopped communicating. We both moved and more time passed by, calls and letters were attempted but not returned and then I moved again and I slowly came to the realization that she was no longer going be in my life anymore. We knew each other for about 13 years at that point and to not have her there was pretty devastating for me. I can’t really tell you how I changed, but I literally felt like half of me was missing and all of my friendships from that point on were affected. I just couldn’t get as close to someone as I was with her, regardless of who they were. I mean sure, there are some in my life now who I am very close with, but it just wasn’t the same and to be honest, I did not want it to be the same.

As hard as it was at first, I started moving on with my life. I wound up meeting my current girlfriend, got closer with a few more of the people in my life now, continued on with my career and from time to time, when I was alone with my thoughts, I wondered how she was doing. I’d quickly remove the thought, but I’d be lying if I did not admit it, even all this time later still.

Then a few weeks back when I checked my MySpace mail, I received a message from someone I have never met. She introduced herself as a friend of a friend who lived in Florida and I matched the description of someone she talks often of to her. She had said in the message that if I were interested in contacting her, to let her know and she would provide an e-mail address. I replied back, asked her if this was in reference to a Natasha and then pretty much told her that as a long lost friend, I’d be very interested in hearing from her again. As soon as I hit the send button, I became a wreck. Here after all this time, I may have a chance to talk to one of my closest friends again… I was happy, anxious, angry, sad, you name it… I felt it. It got worse when I did not get a response the next day, the following day, a few more days…

Then in the middle of the following week she responds back, but with a confession. Turns out Tasha was the one who sent that original message on MySpace. She was borrowing her friends account looking up old high school friends when she saw my profile linked to a mutual friend. So, she messaged me and pretended to be her in case I did not want to hear from her again. She said she had some things she wanted to ask and left an e-mail and phone number to contact her, so now the ball was in my court.

I hate to do this, but unfortunately I have a few meetings to go to and won’t have time to update until tomorrow. Yeah yeah, mighty big douche move of me to just up and end this post like this, but my boss is calling me now to walk with him. I’ll finish updating this tale tomorrow unless nothing pans out for this evening.

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Hehe, just updated with what happened. 😀 Had a weekend away so I did not get a chance to update like I wanted to. 🙁 Great to see you back BTW! 😀

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