Why is everybody gotta be so freakin’ stupid these days?

Why hello there my pretties! So long since the last update so I must cheese out and use the good ol’ bullet method for everything that’s been going on the past couple of weeks.

  • Work’s been cool, been a bit on the busy side because we needed to move out our web servers to a linux box in Texas so that our web designer can have access from her new home in North Carolina. Also started having weekly happy hours with the younger crowd in the building (there are very few of us below age 35 there) so that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, I do not have as many friends as I used to locally so things have been kind of lonely during the week since the g/f and I do not spend as much time with her new responsibilities at work. It’s amazing what comes out from the people you work with after you get a few beers in them, great to hear so much of the gossip going on in the place! It’s starting to look a lot more like a freaggin’ soap opera there as each day goes on.
  • Things between the little lady and I are going well. As I mentioned in my last bullet point, I rarely get to see or hear much from her because of a promotion and position she took at her company. Busy doesn’t even say it and I feel pretty awful for her with the amount of extra work, traveling and stress that’s in her life now, but I try to make the weekends as enjoyable and stress free for her as possible and yes, I am now saving up for her ring. Whatcha think? I’m not exactly sure how the whole diamond thing works, so I’m doing my research. I should have that bad boy in my hands by early next year assuming no fund draining events occur between now and then. 😀
  • Went to see School for Scoundrels today. You know, it’s not nearly as funny as the commercials made it out to be, but good to see that guy in a different role than the dweebish ones from Napoleon Dynamite. Afterwards went to this pottery painting place to do some painting. Thought it wouldn’t be that much fun, but it turned out to be a blast! I bought an unfinished Japanese soup bowl that I painted yellow and then at the bottom of the bowl, I put on a smiley face. Looks like a 10 year old did it, but I figured it would be a cute touch to see a smiley face when I chowed down on some noodles. 😀
  • Speaking of movies, saw Crank a couple weeks back as well! Was an interesting flick to watch (though way too over-the-top in some parts) and I forgot how hot Amy Smart is… That sex scene in the middle of China Town was both hilarious as hell and hot to watch!
  • Got a way out of the blue message from my old dear friend Tasha on my MySpace a couple of weeks back. I haven’t heard from her in a very long time, roughly seven years and we used to be as close as two people could be. We’ve messaged each other a couple of times since then, but I have yet to call her. I’m still feeling awkward about the whole situation. Here’s someone I was ready to give up my life over here in Jersey for to move down to Florida and marry and then losing touch and then getting back in touch many years in the future. I mean, how would you really start having a conversation again without getting all sorts of weird? But to be honest, I have never been able to get that close with someone on a friendship level and for all of this time, I’ve felt as if half of me were not there anymore. Granted I love my g/f dearly, there has not been another soul on this Earth who I would open up to on the level that Tasha and I did back in the day. I know it must sound really weird to read me typing something like that, but it’s true. Tomorrow I am giving her a call though, because in all honesty, I miss her terribly as a friend and confidant and it would be great to know that she’s doing well at the very least. Granted, I seriously doubt we will be that close again, it would be good to have her in my life again.
  • Having some lunch with my best friend Shelly tomorrow, been a few weeks since I saw her last so it would be good to catch up on life with her. I rarely talk much when we hang out, but I’ve found that I am a listener by nature, so it’s all good being with someone as chatty as her. Usually a great story featuring some asshat she’s dated and the things that promoted him to the level of asshattery.
  • Hung out with my friend Jane the other week which was pretty fun. Finally got around to seeing Swingers with her (both high up on our lists as favorite flicks) which is something we’ve been wanting to do for like a year. After the movie, she was showing me this salsa workout DVD she picked up and if it was good. I took a look at it and while it was alright, it was not the style that I learned, so I gave her my very first “salsa on 2” lesson. Granted I am no way at all competent enough to teach another how to dance salsa, it was a lot of fun showing her the basic step and then teaching her how to turn and then having our own little dance for a bit of time. I haven’t been able to get out to the clubs or the classes all summer long because of work and random events so it was good getting my dance on then.
  • Unfortunately, I wound up missing the first salsa class this past Thursday due to a flat tire and throwing out a tire wrench that did not fit my custom rims. No real harm done though because the first class is nothing but getting the basic step and beat down. Hopefully most of the people from the last set of classes will be in class with me when I go back next week.

Well, that’s it for now. Need to get running to the girlfriend’s place for another DVD of Monk’s third season, some Futurama, some ice wine, possibly an oral fest and then some tennis and running early in the AM tomorrow. Hope you folks have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂

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Advice on the Tasha situation – leave it in the past. Your gf should be your closest female friend and going back to being friends with this female could mess things up for your current relationship. Just my two cents but if Roger started conversing ind epth with his old best (female) friend I’d feel very hurt.

congrats on the ring with your gf! that’s wonderful! and ues i agree with the above… tread carefully with tasha! xxx.

ih ope you have been enjoying reconnecting with friends. 🙂

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