“Longu” so is a valid word!

So yesterday my boss decided to play a trick on me. We have a computer that’s accessible from the outside so that vendors can come in and work on an external system of ours. So, as I was walking to the server room to go grab the latest backup tapes for the night before, he went to work on this which was waiting for me in the server room.

I saw it, freaked out a little and called my boss asking him if he was fucking around with me. He started laughing so I called him an asshat (done out of love of course *wink*) and hung up. I walked by and he started cracking up again and I looked at him and said, “My revenge will be sweet.” Heh. It’s on! Anyone have any ideas??

After work, our CERT squad was called out in the township I live in to hang a bunch of “School’s Out” signs on the telephones of major roads. For some odd reason they thought 50 signs would be enough, but that proved to be way short with the size of our town. We still went out to hang up the stuff and we got some rather nice kudos from the mayor and police chief on a job well done. You know, more and more I am seriously considering being a volunteer fireman for the town. Whatcha think?

Later on in the evening, I whizzed by the g/f’s place because I have not seen her since this past weekend. We watched a bunch of TV, cleaned up a bit and we had a game of Scrabble before we went to bed. For yours truly, it started off great!

*cue Quagmire voice* Heh heh, alllll right!

The game however seemed to go on forever, so we threw in the towel and just went crazy with the board as you can see here:

Personally, I liked the “mootpea”

Not much planned for this weekend. I’m playing handyman tonight and am installing a nifty new programmable thermostat for her central air to save her some cashage and also replacing her front door locks with something a little more substantial and better quality. She is not certain if the woman who lived there before made copies of the key so just in case, we’re replacing it. Tomorrow morning I am dragging her ass to the tennis court and giving her a hand with her forehand and backhand. Then we’re likely catching an early movie and then knows what else for the rest of the day and weekend.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

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