Vox anyone?

Went to the US Open yesterday with the girlfriend whose company was giving away skybox access to to employees. MUCH fun was had, endless amount of liquor, food and oh my the tennis was great. Missed the Davenport match, but saw the Horna/Nadal and Williams/Hantuchova matches which ruled. Managed to catch a glimpse of Sharapova practicing (OMFG the things I would do to her… LOL) and saw the ending of the Sugiyama (way way cute in person) match. Oddly enough Carson from Queer Eye was in a box below ours! There’s a few pics up on my Flickr for anyone interested in seeing them. Will post up the fun in Queens last night on my Vox when I get home.

Anyhoo, I have a few invites to Vox if anyone is interested.

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Vox is a kind of blogging service but it sort of mixes a blog with Flickr, Last.FM, and LJ in a way. I’m using it to make my public entries instead of here.

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