Everytime I think I’m out, they pull me back in…

Wow, talk about a spending long time away from this place.

I must admit I feel a bit awkward writing here again, but after spending some time hanging out with the ever so lovely Angie today in Philly, I realized I very badly need a place where I can talk to some friends and share what’s on my mind. After some thinking about things, I realized that there really weren’t too many people I connected with on LJ before, so I did a rather enormous friends cut (about 50 or so and I feel awful about it to be honest) and will likely get rid of a few others who are not on this filter over the next few days. From this point on, it’s strictly friends only and it’s pretty much only you ladies and gents. I’ll save my public posts for my Vox or possibly MySpace and will modify my last friend’s only message to a public post stating so.

I slowly came to the realization some time ago that I might have a little bit of a problem concerning my time with the on-line world which is why my presence was well, sort of very spotty and rare around these parts. I’ve taken a bunch of steps already (with some help of course) to tame things down a bit with my on-line addiction and it’s pretty much going very well. However, I truly did miss this place and I missed you all quite a good deal, thus the reason I will very likely be posting here again. It almost feels like I’ve been in a foreign country all of this time and I am seeing my family again after too many years away. Granted many of you have not heard a peep from me since that last post, I have still kept up as best as I could with your lives though after reading back on a large portion of your entries I have a LOT to catch up on with too many of you even with that enormous friends cut.

Now, I will MOST definitely understand if some of you wish to remove me from your friend’s list and believe me, there are NO hard feelings if you so feel like doing so. It’s been wonderful knowing you and I wish you the best in your life if you feel like parting ways. I mean, I haven’t been the best of LJ friends, so I’ll definitely understand.

Well now, since I rather dislike ending things on a sour note, here’s a couple of choice pics from the fun times in Philly with Angie. By the way Angie, I am still REAL jealous of your cell phone camera, I mean look at how awesome these pics came out!!! Damn you! 😉

Chillin’ near Penn’s Landing

The obligatory tongue tag shot

Feels good to be home… 🙂

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It’s good to see you back! 🙂 And I for one am not cutting you, no way!

Hey Dave, It’s about friggin’ time you came back. I missed you. SO the next post better summarize the last like seven months!

I am happy to see a post from you as well and why would I ever defriend you You should know better we all need breaks from things in life I havent been here as much as I used too 🙂 :ife happens Live it 🙂 *HUGS*


Psch. I am SO de-friending you. You actually have a LIFE outside of TEH iNET?! Like, whoa. You just shot all five + years we’ve been buds ALL to hell.

(i love you <3 heee)

LOL… I love ya too hun.. 😉

Hmm, wow 7 months can be summed up with just one word when it comes to yours truly:


Yeap… There we go!

Welcome back Dave!

I hope to see you around these parts more, I always like reading your posts. I read your latest myspace one…wow that is a tough situation that I would not want to be in myself. I have watched a very close friend go through that and realize after being married almost two years and being cheated on, that she had just settled for her husband because they had been together for so long, five years before taking that walk…

But on a brighter note, thanks for the comments on my myspace, they always put a smile on my face even if I don’t comment back.


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