Cool, I’m an INTJ!

Ever have your personality type figured out? My very lovely friend, Ms. Jane introduced me to this particular type of test a few weeks ago and I decided to retry it and see what my type was and here’s the result:

Your Type is: INTJ (same thing I got in the past as well)

Introverted (56%)
Intuitive (12%)
Thinking (25%)
Judging (78%)

Interested in what it means? Check out the following links to learn more about my personality type. I can say it’s pretty eerily spot-on, ESPECIALLY the relationship descriptions in both sections… Scary how accurate that info is I tell you!

Care to try it? Fill out the test below. For the most honest results, do not think long about the answer to the questions, just quickly answer them based on what your gut response is. 🙂

Feel free to let me know what your personality type happens to be. I’d be very interested to see what you all score with, especially if you wind up being an ENFP or ENTP since you are my natural partner… 😉

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I am an ENTJ. I had to go through an in depth personality analysis for an organization I was a part of last year.

ooh, I am so doing this tonight. I’ll let ya know the results… 🙂

I’m an INTP.

A few years ago i used to test consistently as an ENTP 🙂

Let me just say, it’s creepy how right on these test results are.


Hey Dave,

Where have you been?
Tried to nudge you, but you disabled it.
What the fuck?

I miss you.
Update soon.

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