Holy crap it’s the 14th already??

Just popping on pretty quick to wish everyone a Happy Hearts Day and a “SQUEEEEE!” and thank yoooooooou <3 to Cece and Nikki for the super sweet rosies! 🙂

As usual, things are CRAZY in these neck of the woods because of the short month here at work. Though I managed to wrangle the day after my birthday (Friday) off so I get a nice four day weekend which will be good for maxin’ and relaxin’ baby! Now as to what I have planned for me this week/end is a total mystery to me… Hey Sally, how’s about early next week for that KICK ASS baba ganouj??

Saw this posted somewhere and it is just too damn adorable:

Don’t you always wish it was always this innocent??

Well kids, hope you have a good day and on the off chance I’m not able to post up anything for the rest of the week, hope you all have a mucho kick-assolio weekend! Hopefully I’ll have some good tales of the *crosses fingers* debauchery to be had this weekend by yours truly. 🙂

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Why thank you for the lovely wishes! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day as well! :-*

You sweetheart! Thank you for the rose. 🙂 Have a wonderful V-Day and an even more wonderful B-Day if we don’t see you in the next few days! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! May much sexual debauchery fill your evening!

Sure that sounds good to me – don’t forget I get out of jail at 7pm! :-p Sounds like you always have alot going on what with cert training and dancing – and then me and my hours and commute. It’s a curiously funny debacle trying to plan a get-together. Hee…story of my life. lol

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