*burp* Oooh, that don’t feel right

Well, went out shopping for a new shirt to wear tonight to salsa class because I won’t have enough time to do laundry. Yes, I’m lazy like that, but I’ll look all sorts of salsa-y now since it’s one of those loose half sleeve shirts that you see the old school Cubans wear when they are playing dominoes on the street corner sipping a mojito and hitting on the 18 year olds walking by. Pimp baby!!!

Anyway, saw there was a brand spankin’ new Baja Fresh that just opened up, so I figured I’d give it a try. The food was actually not that bad or if anything, 10.2 billion better times than Taco Bell. Then again, eating Cheetos mixed with peanut butter (shut up!) is better than Taco Hell so that really isn’t saying much. It’s also pretty expensive considering I paid just under 11 bucks for a burrito and a small iced tea, don’t you think? You know what though? Even though they proclaim it’s all made with fresh food, that damn Baja burrito was stuffed with so much freaggin’ fat, it’s making my stomach do all sorts of awful things. It’s funny how once you stay away from a particular item, like let’s say fatty foods, and then re-introduce it into your body, really fun things happen(tm)! Like the odd noises emanating from my abdominal area. I swear it sounds like I have a dying sperm whale in there trying to get laid one last time. I’m not even going to tell you what it’s doing to my intestines. :-/

Eh well, I must scratch that place off of my cool eating places from now on. Time to find myself a good newspaper…

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I love a man in a guayabera. there’s just something so freakin hot about it. But then again, I love Latin men. Go, fig.

Wow I know those stomach noised and dude you are going to be spending some quality time with the porcelain crown.
We have a Baja Fresh near me and I’ve never been. Thanks for sharing..now I’m never ever going there!

Woof. I’m not even going to go over what I just went through…

Well, in their defense the food is quite tasty. But, at least in my day today, it came at a heavy price… lol.

I was going to sound all smart and tell you that you were referring to a guayabera shirt. But, someone beat me to it. 🙁

I love adding cheetos to my pb & j sandwiches!

While I was reading your post outloud to my husband, he was making the sperm whale sounds and I almost spit out my code red mt. dew! lol

Hope your tummy feels better. I had Taco Hell tonight so mine’s not too happy with me right now either.

Hehe aww it’s ok, I’m rather ashamed of not knowing it myself growing up in a town that’s the second highest population of Cubans in the US *blush*. I LOVE that icon of yours! Is it from a post card or something?

HAHAHAHA oh man that’s pretty funny that you almost spewed the Dew. 🙂

Yeah, luckily a little bit of dancing last night soothed the tummy, though I have not eaten anything since.

Oh man… I’m staaaaaaaaaaaahving now!!! THAT’S it! Road trip time! Shall I pick you up along the way?

Time to find myself a good newspaper…

More than I wanted to know… 😛

I got the image online. But I have a huge framed poster of it hanging in my kitchen. Every girl with a Cuban daddy should have one.

If there’s a Chipotle anywhere near you, I have lots of friends who swear by it…never had it myself but they love it.

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