Friday Footnotes

  • Salsa class was a delight last night. We’re getting heavy into the turns and I got complimented a few times yesterday on my leading, one from an advanced dancer. w00t! I’m still a bit of a klutz sometimes, but I am getting a lot more comfortable with my feet and I am able to recover a lost beat a lot better now. Also, I found out that I am learning the mambo. The difference between salsa and mambo it seems, is just which foot I start off with… Hmmmph. Go figure.
  • You know, I am getting pretty sick and fucking tired of this “let’s cater to the Latino community” and have a bilingual system of communication in this country. Yes, I am Latino and proud of it and yes, I am in full support of making English the ONLY mandatory language in this country. If others want to learn Spanish go for it, but we should not force it upon people. Fuck, my parents (and myself included up until I hit kindergarten) did not know a lick of English when they came to this country. Guess what, we LEARNED it as fast as possible… If you’re too fucking lazy to learn it and would rather force others to accommodate you, leave the fucking country.
  • I’ve been seriously rethinking of growing at least some of my hair back. Not like full blown Eddie Van Halen hair, but keeping the sides either shaved or clipped close and something on top. Not sure…
  • Why is it that when I am either going to work or going home lately, it starts raining or clouding up and getting windy as hell. Though the moment I step inside the door, it gets bright, cheery and warm? Grrrr.
  • Seahwaks or Steelers? I’m going for the hawks…
  • So now I have to find some fun stuff to do next week. I wish I had a lot more local friends to hang out with near where I live. Luckily my cool bud Shelly is back in town from Japan today so hopefully next week I’ll get to hang out with her a little more often. Man, if I had the $$$ I’d love to take next week off and do a cross country drive and meet as many of you as possible. One of these days…
  • I’ve been neglecting the gym all damn week. This is not good, I’ll have to spend double duty pretty much every day I have free to play catchup. Plus, I need to remind myself to get a smaller belt. Last night at salsa class, my pants kept on falling down because my belt is not tight enough. Probably looked like I was trying to thug it out. Heh.

Have a good weekend folks!

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Good thing you said the Seahawks, because I’da have to kick some ass.

(Nah. I don’t REALLY care. The whole Superbowl thing bores me.)

Go Steelers!

The ‘Hawks? come on.. you gotta be joking!

Ehh.. I don’t watch much football anyways, but being a Steeler-fan was ingrained on me since birth…. I just hope it’s a good game…

I’m with you on making English the official language. I just don’t understand people who move to a country and not even try to learn the language… if I were moving to France, sure as shit, I’d learn some French before I move… at least learn some survival phrases until I could learn more….


Go Hawks! I am actually a Packers fan but am going for the Hawks because a guy who plays wide receiver for them (Bobby Engram) went to high school with me.

Stay tuned to my blog to hear a pretty interesting story about him… its hilarious!

Yes, I am Latino and proud of it and yes, I am in full support of making English the ONLY mandatory language in this country.


My mom’s family hail from Chile and busted their ass to not only learn the language, but to become U.S. citizens. (I learned English from watching cartoons and going to school.)

I’d like to see these people moving to Russia and demanding Spanish to be designated a “mandatory” language. Somehow I think their answer would involve the words “prison” and “firing squad”.

YAY!!! Seahawks all the way. I am wearing my circa 1982 hawks shirt today, the one day t-shirts are allowed at work…

Yay! Glad you said Hawks. Seattle was nuts today – huge rally downtown.

I definitely agree on making English mandatory here. In fact, just two days ago our kindergarten class received a new student from Mexico that not only does not speak a lick of English, but she doesn’t know any of her letter names OR sounds in EITHER Spanish or English. And the rest of the kindergarteners are already reading 3 and 4 letter words without hesitation. So now not only can she not understand what it is we are doing or asking of her, but she couldn’t even give us the answers if she did understand us. It’s frustrating for both us teachers and the student herself because she wants to learn but it’s not going to happen when she is thrown into a regular English kinder class halfway through the year and the teachers are expected to figure out a way to get our lessons across to her.

And glad you said Seahawks 😉 It’s nice to see a team from where I grew up doing well again!

I agree about the Spanish thing…I mean, I wish *I* spoke Spanish…my grandparents didn’t speak it to their kids because they didn’t want them to have accents, they wanted them to be as ‘American’ as possible, so my mom never learned. But this automatic immersion is too much…like, I was watching a show on NBC tonight and they had these ANNOYING AS HELL Spanish subtitles that couldn’t be turned off! Some white guy coming into a kitchen saying “What’s going on?” and then this huge black subtitle crawl blaring “Que Paso?!” Aaaahhhhhh!

Oh, although I do think that Latinos…at least here in California, may be different for you…get kind of a bum rap when it comes to the learn-the-language backlash…for example, the city where I work is predominantly Korean/East Indian, and the majority of shops and many billboards are in Korean or Hindu. I have to try and understand people all day who can barely speak a lick of English and only know some sort of Asian language. But I rarely hear anyone say anything about making *them* assimilate…why? Because they (the ones around here) have money.

I sometimes feel it is particularly rude when at the store latinos speak in Spanish (loudly) to one another. I had four years of Spanish in school and at one time I lived with a Puerto Rican family where the mom spoke mostly Spanish. So anyway many many times I would overhear latinos saying rude things about the people around them when it was obvious they didn’t think anyone understood. There are some area down hear that have school with ESL classes and bilingual rooms – I like that the teacher says everything in both languages helping the students to learn both. One school I was working in didn’t send anyone to my class to help me explain the games (physical education) to the ESL students. I usually picked a helper and between my knowledge and theirs we worked it out but man in took longer. I always wished I was bilingual, LOL, even though I am as white as you can get….
Bald is beautiful.
Steelers – my brother in law is from Pittsburg so I’m routing for his team.
Salsa is good exercise so atleast you are doing something even if you miss the gym.

Hehe, yeah. I figured they deserved a win best since they’ve never done it. Didn’t watch the game last night, but I hear they did not fare so well. Eh well…

Yeah, I do not watch much football either and congrats on the Steelers winning. 🙂

Most definitely if I went into another country, I would at least try to learn a bit of their language. *shrugs*

You’re damn right!!

HAHA! Oh crap, I learned to speak English by watching toons as well. Well, actually a lot of it was from Sesame Street and other kick ass kids show on PBS (321 Contact, Electric Company, etc). 🙂

Oh jeez… What a horrible situation you guys were placed into. I wouldn’t know what to do in your situation with regards to that little girl. Have you guys come up with a plan after a few days to figure something out?

HAHAHA! Yeah, my parents were the same way with myself and my sister. We were not allowed to talk Spanish in the house to make us all learn faster. well that is unless I was in trouble in which case my mom had a rather lengthy string of words to send my way… lol! 🙂

Yeah or it could just be a geographical thing with relation to those Asian cultures. Here in my neck of the woods, it’s a predominantly Indian and Asian influence as well, but everyone speaks English or attempts it which you can not fault anyone for. Sometimes when I am walking towards my place, I see a little girl or boy talking in Hindi and then their parents glare at them and they talk in English.

Oh yeah, I never like hearing others talk in any other languages loudly in a business locations (especially owners) because you never know what is being said unless you know the language. Ala that Seinfeld episode where Elaine took George’s dad to the nail place to see if the Korean women were talking about her. 🙂 Was a pretty hilarious show actually. 🙂

You’re making me wanna learn Salsa!

I’d love to take next week off and do a cross country drive and meet as many of you as possible.

You know… I’ve actually thought about that myself. I think it would be awesome to meet some of my LJ friends. I’m starting to feel very close to some of them, even if it is my little virtual world. I love my LJ friends!

I didn’t exercise even once last week cause I was sick. That just made me feel worse. I’m back at it this week though, and like you, have some major catching up to do!

let me know when you do your cross country deal!! 🙂

Hey, if you have any classes near you, TAKE EM!!!! They really are a lot of fun!

Yeah, my LJ friends are some of the best people I have virtually met! 😀

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