Friday footnotes

You know, maybe if I do these things on Fridays, they would become a regular staple on this LJ. Bleh who am I kidding. :p

  • While I have yet to hear him on the radio (I hear he blows BTW), hearing David Lee Roth singing can have a very therapeutic effect on one’s soul. Especially when driving back from a not so hot night at salsa class while blasting “Just a Gigolo” and singing it at the top of your lungs. Wooo yeah, good times baby. Good times. “Hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla boobuhla, hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla bop. Iiiiiii ain’t got noboooooooody!” Come on, sing with me!!!
  • Looks like putting in overtime at the gym is starting to pay off. Since the last time I talked about losing weight, I’m now down to 214 pounds. While I do not really notice much of a difference, my clothes are definitely getting looser and I can see less of my gut when I look down to ummm, pee. 🙂
  • One minor drawback of the weight loss is that I am more apt to feel “cold” which is a rather disturbing feeling. I suppose though, that I would be less of an angry bear when the summer rolls around.
  • I’m rethinking my plans for a vacation this year. While I am definitely looking forward to a cruise to either Alaska or Iceland (or was it Greenland), I am thinking of going to Greece instead of taking another cruise down to like the Bahamas or something. I hear Greece is dirt cheap once you are there, which is always good. Plus, Greek women are sooo teh hawt!
  • Salsa class went less than spectacularly yesterday, although I do have an urgent plea to make of the ladies undertaking any sort of dance class. Please, PLEASE do not wear very low cut tops accenting your rather large (yet lovely) breasts and then get less than happy when the guy has no option but to look down. Yes, some of us know *not* to look, but when presented to a rather lascivious Latino, it gets REAL freaggin’ hard not to notice them. Kthnxbye!
  • It’s days like this that I am happy most of my friends are on Yahoo! or AOL IM. Having a lovely ol’ time with silentspirit passing the day away at work. Feel free to IM me any ol’ time… 🙂
  • So what exercises are good for working on one’s ass? Just saw mine in the mirror when I went to the restroom and it’s like almost not there. Of course it could be this suit that’s changing things, but I can remember a time in my recent youth when random women (and some guys, but we just won’t go there) would just walk up to me and grab my ass. I’d like for that to happen again… Scratch that, I’d like for the ladies to do that again. 😉 Anyone recommend some good exercises or machines I should be hitting more often to liven up the glutes?
  • Now, some of you may remember my whole complimenting a work mate’s foot wear debacle some time ago and then some of you were nice enough to send me photos of yourselves. Well, last night a new person from my friend’s list (who shall remain nameless) must have been going through my archives and sent me a rather ummm, delicious set of photos in some rather hot stilettos. Your submission was greatly appreciated (what?? I like shoes on a woman… Pffft). Of course, if anyone else wishes to participate, you’ll get no objections from me! Heh.
  • Woah! There’s a huge black cloud over by what seems Route 1 in Edison. I wonder if there’s a fire there? I suppose I should be getting to work sometime soon. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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High heels or big ol stripper shoes rock on women!

AS far as getting yer ass going… try doing some Squats… yer ass will definitely hurt, but afte a couple months, you’ll have back!


Hahaha! Big ol’ stripper shoes are definitely great. 🙂

Oh cool, I completely forgot about squats. Thanks!

I love me the stripper shoes… the wife tried on a pair, but said they were uncomfortable… I don’t think she got the point! 🙂

Squats kill, but will work ya out pretty good!


I agree with poster #1, squats are the best.

I also found one that works. Lie on your side like you are doing leg lifts but instead of lifting your leg, push it back. It works the back of the thigh and the butt (and also helps with the obliques.)

Salsa lessons sound like so much fun! Glad you are enjoying them…
I can relate on the ass exercises…I have a little to non-existent ass….

unfortunately not… I tried to tell her the patton leather ones would look good with a school girl outfit.. she agreed, but jsut kinda laughed it off… I’m hoping that somewhere deep in her brain, she keeps that for a later date!


i went to the gym last night for the first time in a year. It felt great! I intentionally overdid it so my pecs and arms would hurt, reminding me that I went.

DLR is teh suck on the radio.

That cloud over edison is probably dirt from the paki/indians that have moved there over the last decade.

Hrmmm, so lie on my side, lift my leg up and move it back and forth instead of up and down?? Kinkeeeeee! 🙂

Nice! Yeah, I did that at the gym too my first week. Had to skip a week because I was so damn sore! 🙂

Hahaha @ cloud joke. Actually, just found out there’s a brush fire at the Raritan Convention Center. Most likely some schmuck in a car threw a cig into the brushes there, happens all of the time.

LOL. Yeah but only lift it like a couple of inches off the ground.

To get your ass in shape, you could try humping your pillow….

LOL wow Daveid lee Roth.. you come up with some good ones 🙂 Hope you have an awesome weekend.. *HUGS*


If I recall correctly Iceland is green, and Greenland is ice…but I never was one for geography. When I read this, I had one word for you – SQUATS – but they *looks up* beat me to it. 🙂 Hmm I’m gonna have to read archives now…shoe fetish, huh? Interesting..

Ahh then Greenland it is! 🙂

Hehe, well I would not call it a fetish so to say, but I do appreciate a nice pair of shoes on a woman.. 😉

Wow I thought you Latinos had hot blood – what’s with the penchant for freezin your nubbins off? Brrr..

Hmm, my hot blood was quarantined years ago actually. I’m not big on warm weather, never was… I lurves me some nice cold snugglin’ weather. 🙂

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