Be afraid…

Be very afraid…

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

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I actually got ghey just from watching that…….wanna go see Brokeback mountain with me?

I’ve never had acid that bad… Then again I have never had acid. If being on acid is like that, I never wanna do it. LOL. 🙂

sure you can….


ok, thats enough of that….i still love that icon though LOL!!!

That freakin’ rocks… I just sent the link to everyone in my company!

Oh my god you should warn people before you do shit like that. I may NEVER recover…I will send you my therapy bill!

……………why? I thought I was a good lj friend to you and now this!?! why don’t you just poke my eye balls out with a rusty nail.
Whatever I’ve done I’m sorry…really sorry. Please don’t hurt me any more…okay?




LMAO Man thst David Hasslehoff Guy.. He can Sing…ARGH WHY.. I actually used to like that guy alot he was one of my dream guys from when I was like a little girl but thn I seen him running around on BayWAtch and well it prettty much ended there.. Funny Though LOL *HUGS*


Holy crap, haha, I was not prepared for that. That’s some crazy stuff right there.

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