Just bust a move

I’m quite happy to announce that the second week of my salsa classes went a great deal better than last week’s. For one, I was not nervous in the least bit and number two, the extra practice sessions Devina did with me really helped. So much so that the instructor said I looked a lot better than last week. w00t!

Of course, I still fumbled around a bit, but I was able to recover pretty quickly which I would guess is a good thing. For the first half hour, we spent the time going over the beginning steps which some people were still having a big problem with, but was glad to stand next to them to get them into the right pace. Heee, how funny is that? I was teaching!!! Yay! Then we started learning a couple of turns which was cool, but man was I freaggin’ dizzy for a while. I finally got the right steps down for that cross-body lead, but still have a problem with the execution. However that just means I need to practice it more which is not a problem. We learned the basic right and left-hand turns which seemed easy enough and next week, we are going to do our first complicated pattern which looks pretty kick ass. It’s the basic step leading into a cross-body lead and then making the girl do a left turn and then a left turn. Looked hard as hell to pull off, but he assured us it was actually pretty easy so long as we practiced all of the turns. If you want to see what it kind of looks like, it sort of resembles this then followed by this, followed by this and ending like this. Sick huh??

This Saturday, the school is throwing a social where they will have a one hour lesson followed by 2 hours of DJ’d music and dancing. I’d love to go, but I think I have a date for then. Not sure if it qualifies as a date, but my next post will get more into the details of that as well as the Devina situation which I am handling much better than my last post. More to come as soon as I get some work done around here.

I also wanted to thank everyone with regards to the last few posts I made regarding everything and the great advice and kind words you wrote. It really means a lot to me that a great bunch of people can offer so much. 🙂 You all ROCK!!!

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Your descriptions of your classes makes me want to take one! It has been a long time since I’ve been in a dance class. I’ve gone out dancing recently, but I haven’t been going it as often as I would like. Oh, and my advice is to do the socials whenever they have them. That’s where you’ll get to see what more advanced couples can do, and you’ll get a chance to dance with people who aren’t in your class. They’re a lot of fun!

Yeah, I am definitely planning on attending the next social event for the class. I heard the class that just passed was a lot of fun, but I had already made plans for the evening.

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