Sucker punched…

Man, I have no freaggin’ clue what I did to myself last night in my sleep, but I think I punched my own kidney or something. The right middle side of my back hurts like a bitch and I have been having a hard time standing and sitting properly since I woke up. Haven’t been having a decent night’s sleep over the last few days so maybe, that’s just playing catch up with me I guess. Ya think?

I’ve made a few updates (dates of accomplishments that is) to my 110 in 10 post from a while back and made it public since I linked it from a MySpace survey I did yesterday. I’m curious to see how many more goals I will have taken care of this year.

Having dinner after work with my buddy Al at a nice Lebanese restaurant in New Brunswick. I lurves me some middle eastern food, and this place has the best food (IMHO unless proven wrong by someone else) in Central Jersey. Not sure what I will have, but there will be lots of hummus, tabouleh and baba ganouj to go around over a nice chat with my bud. He met a really good woman on-line and he’s been telling me that all is good with that relationship. I’m happy as hell for him because he’s a kick ass guy and it’s good seeing him happy and with someone to share that happiness with. Doubt he’ll be bringing her along, but we’ll have our usual catch up chat along with the latest dirt and gossip from our circle of friends.

Hope y’all are having a kick ass Hump Day! 🙂

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I think I might have to steal that 110 in 10 idea. That’s very cool!

Go for it! I completely forgot where I nabbed it from, but thought it was a pretty neat idea as well. 🙂

You know, now that you mentioned it I’ve never had middle eastern food. Now I want some.

MMMmm baba ghanouj…my favorite!!

You may have had a muscle spasm in your sleep. I used to get those all the time. Put some Icy Hot on it and it should relax the muscle enough for you to feel comfortable.

Oh it’s some super tasty stuff, when made right. If it’s not made right it tastes like ass and not in a good way. Most store bought hummus is pretty decent stuff. If you ever want to try a halfway decent brand, go for either the brand names Tribe which is one of my favorites of the store bought stuff or Athenos which is not as good but still halfway decent.

Yeah, I’m thinking is something muscular because when I lift my arms up, it hurts a bit and I do remember really overdoing it on the shoulder presses at the gym on Monday. I’m thinking it caught up with me I guess.

Thanks for the Icy Hot advice, I’ll grab some on my way home from work. You wouldn’t happen to do any house calls eh? Heloooooooooooooooh nurse!!!! 🙂

I luv middle eastern food as well!
Wow, were you having a nightmare? I can’t imagine how you hurt yourself. Feel better soon.

Middle eastern food is GREAT!!! 🙂

Not sure, I may have been having a nightmare, but not too sure about that. Hehe.

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