Two left feet

Ugh… I am so fucking nervous I’m about to fucking puke, and I rarely get this nervous…

Have my first salsa class in roughly 1.5 hours and I’m a complete wreck. I’m always a little nervous when I try new things, but when they involve possibly looking like the biggest schmuck in front of other people, multiply that by infinity plus 3.


Luckily I had a very basic crash course for the basic steps last night from Devina so that I would not completely fuck up today. But still, I’ve got two left feet with 5 left toes on each one and it’s going to show tonight. Ugh, I hope there aren’t any really hot women there… lol.

I’ll update on the disaster to be tomorrow.

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You will do fine just breathe deeply and dance.. 🙂 Whats with this salsa fad? My daughter who is 12 wants to learn it as well is it because of that dancing with the stars show or what 🙂 *HUGS* and good good luck you will do great 🙂


Awww – don’t be nervous. I take salsa classes a lot and believe me, the girls are not expecting rock stars. We all realize that we’re there to learn. Plus, us girls are nervous also – guys expect that girls have dancing experience. You’ll do great!!

Dave, you’ll be JUST fine.

Send a girl a comment or two, willya.

aww, you’re gonna have a great time! Can’t wait to hear about it… 🙂

Heh, I have the same problem, so I can understand your nervousness. We’re dying to hear the outcome. 😉

Oh!!! Tell me how it goes! I want to learn to ballroom dance but I am afraid I will look like a jackass!!

Hahaha! Only when I can make a complete tool out of myself in front of oh, about 60 others… lol. 🙂

Hmm, not sure there is a fad, but I just wanted to learn it because it’s one of the staples I shoudl have already learned in my life… lol. Thanks for the well wishes though!

Hehe, turned out it was a blast and while I was pretty awful, there were some guys and girls there that… Wow… They will need a ton more practice than I need. Though everyone was smiling and laughing so it was all good regardless.


Well, I’ll say it’s a ton of fun… Still looked like an idiot, but it was some good laughs in there.

Hehe, will update pretty soon. 🙂 It’s actually a TON of fun! Looked like an ass, but it was fun nonetheless. 🙂

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