Hey kids and how have your holidays been going so far? Things went pretty well in the land of Dave this time around on Christmas. I wound up receiving a lot of cash from family and friends which is all I pretty much asked for. Yeah sure, to some it may seem a bit impersonal to receive a bit of the green stuff for Christmas, but I actually prefer getting the gift of dinero. Of course, I got the ill-fitting dress shirt or three from those special relatives and the token undergarment or two from other relatives so it all balances out in the end.

How was everyone’s New Year’s celebration? I wound up ringing in the new year chilling with Devina at her place making a small dinner and watching the ball drop. Nothing terribly exciting, but it was a great and fun time nonetheless since I really do love spending time with her and ringing in the new year with her is a great start. 🙂

Other than that, things have been going pretty much the same since the beginning of 2006. I have been going to the gym a heck of a lot more and there have been some people who have been noticing. My clothes are starting to feel a lot more loosely now so I am guessing I am starting to drop more weight now (I only weigh myself once every 2 weeks). I found out my membership ends in March (as opposed to April) so I have been rushing to get myself into good enough shape so that I can pick up jogging. It’s going slowly but surely and next week I am going to test out jogging when there’s a few minutes left on my brisk treadmill walk. Hopefully I won’t collapse like a little bitch in exhaustion when I do try it out.

Tonight I start my CERT training for my township so I am pretty stoked about that. This Thursday I *think* begins my salsa class, but Devina (who’s been in the advanced classes) told me that today is the day for beginners which would kind of suck. Hopefully I was right and Thursday is the class or else I’ll have to wait another couple of months for it to start up again.

Bummer, but these things happen I suppose right?

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Hey–just added ya back–we do have quite a bit in common. Nice to meet ya!

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