Lemonade, that cool refreshing drink…

You ever just sit down wanting to write stuff but it just doesn’t want to come out? Yeah… It’s one of them days. Been pretty busy as of late with stuff but lately that’s been the usual with me.

Took a defensive driving course this past Saturday and it was pretty cool. Got to chill with a few of the town’s finest and got to learn a few more things about our retarded state with regards to driving laws. The good part was that 8 hours after it started, I got a certificate to hand off to my insurance company which will knock off $250 from my premium and also get to have 2 points removed from my license which knocks me down to 2 overall. Then next May, those 2 points will come off leaving me with no points and even less to pay in insurance… Le w00t baby! LE W00T!

I also decided I need to volunteer for something in this town because I rather enjoy it here. So, I applied for a spot on the 2006 Community Emergency Response Team for our lovely town. This means after all is said and done, I’d be able to help with various emergencies like fires, kidnappings, natural disasters and yes even terrorist crap. Hooah! I’m actually really looking forward to this and the new things I will learn to keep myself and those around me safe.

My spic ass is also finally going to take some salsa lessons! Yeap, a few of my friends have been to this and they say it kicks some serious ass. So, I figured it’s about time and I signed up for the January series of classes. Besides, with my sis’s wedding around the corner, (hopefully) I will need to be able to dance with her or else look like a retarded schmuck sitting on the sides. It will also give me more of an incentive to hit the gym harder since the word on the street is, these classes are pretty much 20% men (50% of that I hear is also falaaaaamiing) / 80% women or something along those lines.

I’m thinking of taking a cruise to Alaska sometime this year and it looks like I may be leaving from either San Diego or Seattle. Has anyone ever been to Alaska on a cruise? A large part of the reason I chose Alaska is because I want to see the northern lights first hand. That and the place will be nice and chilly which will be a nice break from the warm weather here in Jersey at about the time I will go. So, if any of y’all have been on an Alaskan cruise, I’d like to ask some questions. 🙂

Now to catch up on about 2 weeks worth of my friend’s posts on LJ…

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Excuse me, but if you leave from San Diego – you need to come a day early so I can fuck the shit out of you for an entire 24 hours.

I mean, it would be awesome if you left out of San Diego – I could come down and hang out with you.


Dude, you SO suckered me in just with your subject line alone…do you know how many times that “lemonade” bit runs through my mind ever-so randomly throughout the day? I uhh…don’t know either, but it’s a LOT. 🙂

Hot damn for salsa lessons! Always wanted to try it…good for you, I bet it’ll be a blast 😀

And MUCH kudos for making the effort to upgrade your value as a seemingly regular civilian as well. That’s very noble of you!

DAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN dude! You are a stud. First chica to reply to your post wants to fuck the shit out of you…

If I was a dude reading that reply I would have been hard as a rock.

Never been on an Alaskan cruise but I’ve lived in Alaska. go go go!!! Alaska is be-yoo-tee-ful. And the Northern Lights are just awesome man. Although I can that where I lived they weren’t an everyday occurrence. I’m not sure if that goes for everywhere though.

I need to go on a cruise, haven’t been on a cruise yet. And salsa is so cool. You’ll definitely be in high demand as men are definitely few and far between. I need to snag me a man that can salsa…

thats awesome that u want to join the emergency response team!!! i’m proud of u!!!

Yay for Salsa lessons. I love Salsa.

And I think you will really enjoy the Emergency Response Team. I have a lot of friends and family who do that (including some for the RedBank dept) and they all find it very rewarding. And oddly the backbone of their social groups. 🙂

Oh. My. God.
Like, it’s YOU.
Long time, no talk.
I really miss writing you.

What about visiting Seattle? I know you have before, but that
was before you met me.

After reading your first comment, I forgot what I was gonna say… 😉

ooh, I was wanting to take salsa lessons, too. Seems like it would be lots of fun. Guess I’ll let you go first… looking forward to hearing how you like the lessons.

Well now, that just sealed the deal for me… 😉 Would be ever so delightful to come and ravage you, errr hang out with you and have lots se… errr ummm yeah… :*

Hahaha! 🙂 That has to be the funniest comedy album EVER!!! Though, the Aunt Bunny bits were the best.

Ooooooooooh! Thanks for the info. Especially knowing that they do not come out every day. Is there a particular time of year where one woudl be more prone to see some in action?

Hehe, yeah I am looking foward to the salsa classes. 🙂

I’m also really looking forward to the volunteering as well. I hear the same thing about the social aspect with this particular program as well.

HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY SHITE!!! How are you?? Jeez, I should keep a better eye on my bloody friends list! Just saw your posts! Will haveta play catch up now that you’re back in action. 🙂 Good to see ya posting again! Weeeeeeeeeeee! The cruise I want to take leaves from either San Diego or Seattle it seems like.

Hahaha! Tell me about it… I’m still all sorts of blushy. 😉

I’ll definitely keep ya informed on how the lessons go once I take em. My friends taking them now say it’s the biggest blast which is what really hooked me into trying it this time around.

Well, I think you’re pretty safe in winter. I read somewhere that December to March is best.

Crazy thing is I saw the Northern Lights in Kansas once and they gave Alaska a run for its money. But Northern Lights in Kansas is rare, I’m sure.

Oh, and if you leave from the So Cal area definitely put the word out. I’m not far from San Diego.

Not that you’d have time to hang with anyone else if you were busy shagging . 😉

Catch up would be good.
I miss your sex posts.
I don’t get to “guy around” much anymore, now that I’m 6 1/2 months
pregnant. Plus, Dustin gets jealous.
So….fill me in.

And, did you get fucking HOTTER while I was gone?

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