Thursday thoughts…

  • I’m not too sure if the decision I made to friend a co-worker on MySpace was a good idea or a bad idea. She seems cool and all, but I’m still a little weary about it. Time will tell if that decision was a stupid move by yours truly.
  • I really should get into the habit of actually putting these out every Thursday.
  • I have never seen The Godfather. Yes, I am dead serious. I’d be curious to know what others who read this particular LJ have never seen that would make others gasp in disbelief. Like my friend who up until last weekend never saw “The Princess Bride.”
  • Is it me or are Honda Elements and Scion xB’s the most awful looking vehicles on the face of this earth?
  • For that matter, what would compel a person who spent at least one hundred thousand dollars on a drop dead sexy black Mercedes SL500 to add those ridiculous spinning hubcaps? Oh you think I am joking?? If I had a gun, I would have shot that asshat dead in that car this morning on the toll lanes at Exit 9 on the Turnpike for having the gall to destroy that car like that
  • While I was preparing myself a toasted english muffin this morning. One of the ladies that works in my building slathered on 2 HUGE spoonfuls of butter on EACH side of her english muffins. My arteries just about up and left my body to slap her across the face AND I think the baby Jeebus cried.
  • I really like what the government did with the new nickel. I hope they do the same thing to the other coins as well. 🙂
  • The new story arc between Faye and Marten at good ol’ QC has me in all sorts of suspense. Though I must admit that I wasn’t too keen on Faye snowballing Marten into admitting he has a thing for her only to knock him back down… That knocked her down a peg or two in my book. However, she’s still hot.
  • Why is it that take-out Chinese food is 3.4 gagillion times better the next day while Indian food is 5.8 gagillion times worse the next day?
  • Holy shit, it’s below two dollars a gallon at all of the gas stations near me. How is it in your neck of the woods?

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A. Lurve the icon
B. I’ve never seen The Godfather either. Not only that, but I’ve had it from Netflix for like a billion months now. I have this thing about actually viewing every movie I get from Netflix and I haven’t made myself watch it yet. The fact that is’ like 3 million hours long doesn’t help.
C. Honda Elements and Scions need to be sent to the 7th dimension of hell.
D. Gas out here is about $2.30 for regular. After $3.00 per gallon I’m lovin it.

Oh my god- you need to see the Godfather, like now…
And you have to watch it while involved in some type of criminal activity, or it just wouldn’t be right. 🙂
The last time I saw that movie was when I was locked up, haha!!
I hardly watch movies; I haven’t even been to the movies in three years… So I probably haven’t seen a number of movies that most people have.. People tell me a quote from a movie, and I’m like, Duh??? 🙂

buck 93 over here. Going down….

I agree, boxed shaped cars are not cute at all.

I leave my MySpace “public ok” and leave the secrety stuff for my LJ.

I have never seen the Godfather, Princess Bride or The Goonies either.

Oh yeah, love the icon! Those commercials are hilarious.

I’ve never seen The Godfather either. And I agree that Elements are butt ugly. I hate them. 😛

a. Hahaha! Well, I have to thank for that hilarious icon. It was actually a little contest I made a while back and he made two utterly great icons for me.

b. *whew* I don’t feel as bad now about not watching that movie. Yeah… It’s a long one too. Though there have been some great long movines like Braveheart. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMM!

c. I like that. 🙂

d. Hell’s yeah. Definitely beats 3 bucks a gallon. 🙂

I tend to think Mexican is WAY better the 2nd day as well, as long as we’re not talking about tacos or anything crazy like that. Pizza is also way better the next day as well.

hehe, my icons live on….awesome!

And how the hell did you grow up in NJ without ever seeing The Godfather (and 2)?! If you don’t watch it, you could be forced to move….to DELAWARE!!!

See I and II, skip III. Trust me….

(But you MUST see both Goodfellas and Casino)

Please god tell me you’ve at least seen Scarface.

Chinese food is better the next day because Indian food is crap. Even on the same day you ordered it.

Gas is still the same $2.56 it’s always been. They don’t care about us here.

You got a booty call at 3 am? I don’t get booty calls at 3 PM!

The only coworker i have friended on LJ is my partner.. myspace i’m not as picky over…

You had a booty call??? HELLO i’m jealous!!!!!

Gas is $1.99 here

Nope, never seen the Godfather. I’ve also never seen at LEAST a dozen other “classics,” (can’t think of any of them at the moment) but at least I CAN say I’ve seen the Princess Bride. Was infatuated with it when it came out, in fact.

Holy crap, FINALLY someone comes out and spews the ugly truth about those dastardly vehicles! Bravo, my brotha, BRA-VO. 😀

John had a discussion with me about how the U.S. is trying to “cheapen” the U.S. dollar by making it look like play money. (Think Canadian money) I was only half listening to him (as I usually do when he goes off on a rant), but what I did catch was pretty right on.

I saw the Godfather about six months ago for the very first time. I’ll tell you what…you ain’t missin’ nothin’.

Hmm, I’ve actually haven’t seen many recent movies just because I get fed up with the loud ass kids in the theatres when I go. But I’ll most likely rent it out this weekend to check it out.

Egads! You haven’t seen The Princess Bride?? Heee, s’ok. It really is a great movie that’s actually awesome for the entire family. Goonies I was pretty blah on. I mean it was cute the first time I saw it, but afterwards it just kind of sucked… Meh.

Ahh, I am told the same thing. Godfather III sucked some major ass. Though, I most definitely saw Casino, Goodfellas, etc. Just the original one seems to have eluded me. I’ll have to admit from all of that genre, Goodfellas and A Bronx Tale are a toss up to me as my all time favorites.

Yeah, what’s worse is one of my exes bought one a few years back and I just couldn’t help but laugh… lol

Mmmmm, could use some good flautas right about now. 🙂

Pizza is best cold as hell from the fridge the day after! YUMM!!!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Delaware, anywhere but that place! I’ll rent it out this weekend I swear!!!

Ahhh, one thing you have not leanred about me is that I grew up in a city that has a greater concentration of Cuban people per square mile than Cuba (and Miami) itself. Scarface was required movie watching in the 8th grade and I’m not kidding… LOL.

Hahaha.. Awww, Indian food really isn’t that bad. Just hard finding someone that knows how to make it well.

“Holy crap, FINALLY someone comes out and spews the ugly truth about those dastardly vehicles! Bravo, my brotha, BRA-VO. :-D”

Hahaha!!! Thank you… Thank you very much…

/shakes hips

Hmmm, I actually kind of like making it look cool. That and it also helps with counterfiet proofing. However, since we’re losing all of our jobs to oversees, we will very soon be able to use American money as Monopoly money!!! WOOOOO!

It’s funny, cause save for a few crossover LJ peeps…like you!…on my Myspace, most of the rest are people I know in real life. But none of them know about my LJ!

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