Merry Christm… err Chanuk… err Kwanz… UGH!!!

Ok, most of the people on my list know that I am not religious. I’m pretty much to the point where I’m considered somewhere between an atheist and agnostic depending on the day, whether or not I had sex the night before and if there’s any orange juice in the fridge. I’m also not those types of freaks out there that feels the need to force their lack of religion (the same also goes for them bible-thumping freaks) to others as well. My beliefs (or lack of beliefs) are pretty much my business and I keep it at that. Oddly enough however, I am extremely interested in theology so I like sitting down with people of all faiths or reading texts and learning about them. Weird eh?

Anyway, what’s got me all sorts of confused now is how Christmas all of a sudden became this profane term today. You can’t say it in public, stores don’t even mention anything about it anywhere, schools now have Winter and Spring breaks, television commercials do not dare utter that word and so on and so forth.


When I was a kid, (and it wasn’t too long ago) we all said Merry Christmas (or Happy Chanukah) to each other, even if you happened to be of another faith. All of the stores had their Christmas sales, you got to watch all of the kick ass Christmas television specials, we had Christmas break and Easter break… Now it seems everyone is scared shitless to say anything other than “holiday” when referring to that C word. Am I the only one who’s thinking this political correctness bullshit is going way too far?

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That first paragraph could have been written by me.

At my previous employer we used to have a “Santa Claus” party for the kids and an “Easter Bunny” party. Someone pitched a royal fit and we had to start calling it them “Winter Festival” and “Spring Fling.” Crimeny.

At my current employer we have up both Chanukah adn Christmas decorations…even some depictine extremely religous themes…which I find a fascinating juxtapostion to the PC-sihness of my previous employer.

I think the entire world has gone overboard on trying to be PC to the point of creating a victimazation/entitlement/hypersensitivity problem of a rather annoying proportion. OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

It’s hard to make anyone happy about these things. Everything used to work harmoniously, but now suddenly people of religions that don’t celebrate the predominant holidays have a cork up their ass and take offence to the fact that most of the country celebrates it.

Just about everything that has to do with religion and/or politics goes too far. Nothing shocks me anymore. I am completely desensitized by this insane world. I think the last straw was when they allowed the TV series “Stacked” to run another season.

I am definitely one of those people who likes animals more than humans. Present company excluded, of course.

Yikes, you must have it the worst of all!! Did your school even have Halloween? I know a lot of schools here in Jersey were not allowed to call it Halloween as well. :((

Woohoo! Why thank you. 🙂

Yeah… I know exactly what you mean, though I think Pam Anderson’s tits are the reason that show is still on the air. 🙂

Yeah… Kind of hard to believe that like 85% of the people in this country are of a Christian-based religion yet still can not properly celebrate one of their own major holidays. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Blah!!! That just plains sucks what heppened at your last job.

That’s definitely interesting how your current employer goes completely against it and I rather commend them on that.

“I think the entire world has gone overboard on trying to be PC to the point of creating a victimazation/entitlement/hypersensitivity problem of a rather annoying proportion. OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now.”

Ummm, AMEN!!! lol.

Yeah, it’s getting to be that if you are not a victim of anything in this country, no matter how completely ridiculous or miniscule the problem is, your life is not worth living at all. Sheesh!

No one can dress up and we can’t have any kind of Halloween party, but we still did lots of Halloween crafts as long as there were no ghosts, witches, or other “scary” things. Mostly pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.

Hehe she was! But she bit me yesterday when I tried playing with her =(

Ah well. Christianity is actually decreasing, so we’ll see what happens in a few years =P

The world has gone stupid. Which is hard to reconcile considering how stupid the world already was.

I wish people would just give it up and recognize Christmas for the fun, secular holiday that it is. Sorry, but there’s no Christ in Christmas. Even when I wasn’t an atheist I had to recognize that Christ had nothing to do with the North Pole, or elves, or Santa and his reindeers. Let’s just get over it and have a merry fucking Christmas already! (hee hee)

I’m too tired to read all of the comments so forgive me if someone has already said this. But it has to do with everyone freaking out about God and trying to take separation of church and state to the biggest extremes possible. Its gotten to the point where the majority of the people are the ones being “offended” now. God, I hate that word. If you’re offended by something its YOUR problem not anyone elses…

(getting of my pedistal now…) lol

So. Stores and work places aren’t allowed to display the word “Christmas” anywhere…yet pharmacists are allowed to practice their tribalistic religion (that our own President facilitates!) WHILE ON DUTY and refuse to fill birth control prescriptions? When I’m done being baffled, I’ll be disgusted.

In my opinion, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc are not so much religious or historical holidays but cultural ones, that everyone is welcome to celebrate. I’m with you about the PC backlash…plus you know what I really hate? When you happen to use the term “Merry Xmas” and someone whines “Don’t take the CHRIST out of CHRISTmas…” geez…lighten up…

Interesting that you bring this up now. Yesterday on Fox 5 News they had a brief segment in which people on the street were asked if the Rockefeller Center tree is a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree. Most people said Christmas Tree. But it was a segment on the fact that all this PC-ness is going too far. I’m an agnostic myself, but screw it–I’m saying Merry Christmas to everyone this year. 😛

“If you’re offended by something its YOUR problem not anyone elses…”

My thoughts exactly! 🙂


Actually, the big news around these parts now is that since customers started going ballistic on the home store Lowes naming of Christmas trees to Holiday trees, they have now changed back to calling them Christmas trees in the stores…

i agree with you. i had to sign a form saying it was ok for my daughter to say the national anthem with the word god in it at her daycare. i couldn’t believe it. things are going to far!!

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