Face Off

Woah… Talk about freaky, yet cool!

Woman has first face transplant

I’d have to admit, the first thought I had when I saw this on SlashDot is the exact same one the very first commenter made… I’d say it was Travolta’s face. 😉

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LOL thanks! It just had to be said 😉 I love Face/Off, it’s such a great movie 🙂

I read that earlier on CNN.com – – amazing and kind of freaky if you ask me.

I’ve never seen that movie, but….

I can eat a peach for hours.. 🙂

Despite my squickness at the decided Frankensteinian aspect of this story, I think it’s actually wonderful technology. It’s one thing to go through life without a thumb or a hand…but a face???

Kerrie says you don’t have enough male friends on your list. So she made me add you.

I know! I couldn’t fathom going through life with chunks of your face missing. You’d have to wonder how it would affect a person psychologically to not “see” themselves in the mirror anymore after that. Would they take on a whole new personality? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

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