Little miss can’t be wrong

Alright, well there were some additional things I managed to leave off from my last post being that this is a more filtered entry. Hehe.

Anyway, I finally broke down and went on a blind date this past weekend and let me tell you, I really really hate them with a passion. See, I’m the type of person that can’t really date another person until I’m friends with them first. It’s just the weird way I was made I suppose which drastically limits my dating pool, but always ends up with significantly better results. Reason being that if the dating aspect of the relationship fails, I always have a good friend there which is a lot more important to me anyway.

So, a friend of mine managed to talk me into taking out one of her friends for a night out of dinner and chatting. Now, this friends knows how I feel about blind dates, but I trusted her judgment (hehe, though now I probably never will) and decided to give it a whirl. Hey, if anything I may land a new friend that lives close to me to hang with. Can’t go wrong right??

So, I get in contact with her and we chat for a little bit (turns out we both HATE to use phones, heh.) and decide to meet up at a local sushi restaurant near us in what I think is South Brunswick. We meet up at the restaurant the following night and I was taken aback because this woman was very attractive. I mean like movie star attractive and kind of resembled that really hot red head from that last Hannibal Lechter and that Boogey Nights movie, same age as well. I see her in a bunch of make-up commercials now, but can’t seem to recall the name. We exchange our pleasantries and start to walk in and as we get to the door, I hold it open for her to walk in and this is where things went downhill…

She glares at me and bluntly states, “I can open my own door thank you.”


So… I look at her, smile and say, “So I see chivalry dies with you…” She smirks in a “Fuck you” type of way and we walk in.

We get to our table and proceed with the idle chit chat about stuff like work, hobbies and such and she mentions that she has never had Japanese before. So I proceed to walk her through the menu at which point she is disgusted (and of course verbalizes it) by the fact that the fish (and meat since they had Kobe beef there) was to be eaten raw. Ok, I can understand how some people can be put off by the raw fish. Heck, at one point I couldn’t fathom the thought of wolfing down some raw fish but, I tried it and was hooked ever since. I then mention to her that not all Japanese is raw and pointed out some of the tasty stuff which can be eaten that is fully cooked. She seemed appeased by this and proceeded to order a breaded pork dish and asked me what I was going to get. I told her I was going for a Chirashi (bowl of rice with various fish on it) and the bitch had the nerve to tell me it would be rude of me to order it since she can’t fathom how someone would eat raw fish.

Fine… Dave can play nice.

I ordered an eel dish (since it’s always cooked and very yummy) and just told her it was chicken. So, our food gets here and she gets a little chattier as she got more food in her. My guess was that she was one of them mean hungry types. I was mistaken however as she only rambled on about her ex-husband and how he left her after two months of marriage because of the way he said she treated him for the next hour and a half. AN HOUR AND A HALF PEOPLE! Luckily I got a break after her yammering and as she got up for the bathroom, I stood up to see her off (force of habit) and again with the glaring on her part. I smiled again and sat down and proceeded to call my friend to rip her a new asshole. She gets on the phone, we chat for a bit, and I tell her about this bit of torture she has subjected me to. She apologizes profusely and I ask her if she wants some Japanese. She says yeah, so I tell her to make her way over to the restaurant because I hate eating alone. She knows me well enough to know what I am going to do next, so she tells me she’ll be there soon.

So, I finish up my tasty green tea and Ms. Bitchola comes strolling back from powdering her nose. The waitress comes by and asks for dessert and we tell her what we would like, plus she asks for the check as well. Our dessert gets there and again with the chatting about her job and her car and her life and who knows what else. All I did was nod and smile at the right places and all was kosher. The check gets there and I sit there waiting for her to even make the slightest bit of an attempt to reach for it. I’ll leave it up to you all to guess that she never did such a thing. I go to reach it and she politely says “Thank you” and tell me how I am a really good listener and how she thought the date went very well. So I blatantly tell her, “I assume this dinner will be on me then?” to which she replies, “Well, it would be the gentlemanly thing to do.”


“Very well then. I want you to get up and leave this restaurant and please never talk to me again.”

She laughed.

“I’m not kidding, you’re a fucking cunt and the sight of you sickens me, leave now.”

She. Was. Fucking. Shocked.

She asks me what happened and as calmly as I could, (I loathe making scenes) I gently ripped her a new asshole telling her what I thought of her and how I was surprised it took two months for her hubby to leave her as I would have been smart enough to not even propose in the first place. When I saw my friend show up at the door, I told her I had company and that it would be rude for her to stay. She gathered her coat and purse and left in a pretty good huff.

I paid for the meal and my friend and I walked up to the sushi bar and proceeded to have a great time chatting it up over some warm sake and telling each other tales of other bad dates we had for the next few hours.

My friend gave me a call last night and apparently the little priss profusely apologized for the way she behaved that night and wants another date to make up for it. I told her to relay my message of “No.” Of course I’d have the hand in this little arrangement, but it’s not even worth it.

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Damn. What a bitch. And you’re awesome for telling her off.

BTW, I believe it’s Julianne Moore you’re thinking of.

hahahahahaha… nice. you ordered eel and told her it was chicken. Love that!

Why oh why are there women out there like that? I mean HONESTLY! This person clearly needs not only a blind date, but a deaf and dumb one as well!

It’s a stretch of the imagination to even refer to her as a person at this point…and exactly how well did your friend know this “thing” before setting you up?

Makes me ashamed, albeit briefly, to be a redheaded woman.

whoah, you’ve got brass ones dude, but I honestly can’t blame you. (I think I know why she’s single!)

And it’s Julianne Moore. Definately MILF-able.

I assume this dinner will be on me then?” to which she replies, “Well, it would be the gentlemanly thing to do.”


The gentlemanly thing was when you opened the door for her…to which she basically told you to fuck yourself…

The Gentlemanly thing was when you guided her through the menu…making suggestions…to which she basically told you to go fuck yourself

The gentlemanly thing to do was stand up when she left the table, to which she basically gave you the look like “go fuck yourself”

OMG you were way more polite then I would have been…Kudo’s to you for telling her exactly WHERE To go, and how to get there…

I had a date once at a sushi place (before I was a fan) and at least I tried things..and because of that one person I love sushi now….she could of at the least MADE AN EFFORT..christ..

sorry for your bad experience…
but the outcome made me snort coffee!

I would have been grossed out by her ordering a pork chop *gag*

You should have told her that you believe in the ethical treatment of animals, and that by eating a poor defensless pig you would have to end the date immediately! Of course, you could justify eating fish because they have no eyebrows…

Oh geez. I think you handled it very well. A lot of people would have sat through all of that, paid, and ended the date letting the other person think the date was a complete success when it wasn’t. She definitely needed a swift kick in the arse


Eh well, you haveta roll with the punches sometimes. Actually, they knew each other from an old job and kept in touch from what it seems.

Awww, there’s always a few bad apples so it’s no biggie for me. Just another story to tell to my grandkids. 🙂

HAHAHAHA!!!! That is an AWESOME icon!!!! Mind if I snag it??

Good for you! A good story to read considering most people are too nice to tell people how they really are perceived. Good going.

That bitch. 😉 Surprised she was married as long as she was.


Dude, MILF doesn’t even cut it… 🙂

Yeah, I predict a rather lonely life for that one unless she gets amajor attitude change. The worst part is that she’s so damn hot so there will always be guys going after her that she can treat the same way. Unless she’s one of them ladies that digs the guys that treat them like ass. Amazing how she now feels bad *and* wants another date after I let her have it.

Yeah… Actuallly that’s what upset me the most. If she had at least tried it and did not like it, I can totally dig that. But eh well… Thanks for zeee kind words. 🙂

“You should have told her that you believe in the ethical treatment of animals, and that by eating a poor defensless pig you would have to end the date immediately! Of course, you could justify eating fish because they have no eyebrows…”

You so ROCK!!!!! 🙂

Eyebrows!!! Who’d a thunk it!!! 🙂

Yeah, I was actually going to let it all go, but that “gentlemanly” comment just put me over the edge. I haven’t been that pissed in close to a decade! lol. 🙂

Hehe, thanks!!! 🙂

“Surprised she was married as long as she was”

You and me both brother… You and me both.

Have at it! Meaning the icon…Izzard Rocks!

The story above is just one more reason WHY I will never personally go on a blind date…BTW…

Unless, it’s literal and the person I happen to date is blind and I met him myself FIRST.


Want me to beat her up for you 🙂 I WILL Sounds absolutely horrible I am sorry you had to go therough such a miserable experience with a miserable person.. Why do women act like that? I mean I am a girl But I find it charming.. when a man opens the door for me not offended Anyways I am sorry *HUGS*


I ordered an eel dish (since it’s always cooked and very yummy) and just told her it was chicken. So, our food gets here and she gets a little chattier as she got more food in her. My guess was that she was one of them mean hungry types


im so proud of you for telling the bitch off.

Oh god. I am about to fall out of my seat over here. If she can open her own doors etc., then she can pay her part of the meal as well. Love a double standard, doesn’t she?

And the food thing? Granted, I’m a super picky eater. But I’ve never expected anyone to omit a whole group of foods (at a sushi restaurant no less) just because I didn’t think I liked it.

I have never seen anyone be quite so bold about letting a date go, but that was truly awesome. I hope you taught her a lesson that she takes with her on her next date.

Wow.. what a bitch!!!! I’m sorry the date didn’t go well.. No wonder SHE is single… now YOU on the other hand, i dont understand why you are single, cuz if u were here i’d scoop u right up!!!

She should’ve paid you for the therapy session. ha!

I may be a bitch, but I expect men to open doors for me (not the car door, but if a man’s going into a building and he doesn’t let me walk in first, I think he’s a thoughtless asshole). Of course, I would never say anything to anyone that didn’t open my door…. But the men that do, I smile politely at them, and tell them ‘Thank you,’ because I have MANNERS, something I guess that girl was never taught…
I don’t like the thought of raw fish, either, but I would find it fascinating to watch someone eat it. 😀

When are you taking me out? hahaha!

You should take her out again, then fuck her up the ass!!!

Woohoo! Yeah, pound her real good! 🙂 It’s all good though… 🙂 Gotta take the bad witht he good right? 🙂 A gagillion HUGS back at ya! 🙂

Heh. You know, I think it’s the fact that I am getting older is making me be a lot less tolerant of rude and inconsiderate people like her. Eh well, hopefully that showed her a lesson or if not, someone’s really going to rip into her in the future.

LOL… You kick ass! Actually, I’m single because I forced it on myself after my last relationship. I have about a year and a half left before I hop back into the market.


“I may be a bitch, but I expect men to open doors for me”

Trust me, that’s not being a bitch in the least bit. There’s certain things that are ALWAYS done in the presence of a woman and should be expected in my opinion. Opening car doors, regular doors, offering to at least pay for things like meals, picking her up and slinging her over your shoulder as you’re going to take her to the bedroom and ravage her… Oh wait… Heee, ummm, yeah. 😉

As soon as my butt gets to San Antonio, I’m taking you out on the town baby!!! 🙂

“You should take her out again, then fuck her up the ass!!!”

Yeah!!! And without the lube!!!

I abhor blind dates. They are so painful! I would much rather have my teeth pulled out one by one without the aid of anaesthetic!

Lol! I can’t believe you did that! That is just awesome.

That is the BEST story EVER (that didn’t include sex, LOL)!

Well done my friend, well done! The only thing I’d admonish you on is the name calling, you can put people in their place without lowering yourself to using the word cunt as an adjective.

Jesus. What a nightmare she was.

Be glad you saw her for what she was early on!

Dating in Jersey is seriously different than dating in any other state. It was best of times, it was the worst of times. 🙂

Hehe… Yeah I know… But I really do love that word so, and I barely get to use it in the full brunt like that. 🙂

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