Goggle gobble freaks!!!

Just got back from the ‘rents and I’m just about ready to pass out cold… Soooo much turkey.

Hope you all had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!

Had a little fun with an image I found online…

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I stumbled on your journal through mutual friends. It is so odd, your name doesn’t ring a bell at all but I swear must have gone out with your twin when I lived in Jersey. You look and talk just like a guy I dated there in 01-02.

Hehe, really?? Wow, that’s so funny! 🙂 It’s a small world eh? Then again I look like a lot of other guys I see walking around now that I have a buzz cut. Actually, one of my work peers looks a lot like me and we get confused for each other all of the time. lol!

You have a bunch of awesome interests! Mind if I add you as a friend?

One of the many valuable lessons I learned in life is to never say no to a beautiful woman. 🙂 Added you back as well! You have a bunch of great interests! Mmmmm, green & jasmine tea…. /drools.

Yeah, I know we didn’t actually date but you completely remind me of him. So odd.

Nope not all. I’ll add ya back…although I warn ya that I mostly chatter on about boring life work kid photography stuff. 🙂

Woohoo! Thanks for the add and no worries, I talk a bout a lot less, hehe. 🙂 BTW your daughter is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

Thank you. I think so but I am biased. 🙂

I look forward to reading your journal.

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