Whatcha wearing big boy??

I was just on the phone with a tech support guy from Symantec so that I could download a newer build of the antivirus system we use here at work. All in all the guy seemed alright, but he had this big breathing problem it seemed. I’m not sure if he was a really fat guy or just out of breath because he could not stop huffing and puffing into the phone which was REALLY annoying. He must have had his headset entirely too close to his nose because every 2 seconds all I heard was some really heavy breathing. It almost sounded like some male phone sex operator on the other line jacking off or something…

Umm ewww!

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Do tell – what did that sound like?

I think you should phone post an example/imitation…

I have to hear that all night and after 8 hours of it it makes you really horny LMAO!

Can I have his number- since you dont ever answer your phone? LOL

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