Clothes makes the… person. :)

So on my way home from my parents the other day, I was having a pleasant conversation with a friend about meeting new people. Somehow the topic of clothing came up and we both started talking what our ideal mates would be wearing the first time we see them. She’s big into the t-shirts and jeans type of guy so her ideal guy would walk right in a plain white t-shirt, jeans and a pair of boots. I jokingly asked what about the cowboy hat and she started laughing, but said that would be nice as well. Heh.

So, then she asked me and I had a real hard time coming up with something because it’s a toss up between two things. The first would be a business outfit along the lines of a nice pair of pants (or skirt), a sexy pair of heels, a suit top, revealing blouse, hair up and definitely wearing glasses. Or, something along the lines of what Faye is wearing in this strip (the girl with brown hair) is sooo my cup of earl grey tea.

So my fine feathered friends, what about you? If you were to see your ideal mate walking towards you, what would they be wearing that would make you all sorts of moist inside? I’m curious to know what others find attractive clothing wise in another person.

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I go crazy for a man in a black mock turtle neck. If he has a nice body and the shirt is fitted well, it makes it even better. Match that with a pair of khaki pants and a black belt and black Docs and you’ve got yourself a deal!

I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for a man in a suit. Nothing fancy, but just a well fitted suit with a plain shirt and the perfect tie. Yep, that does it for me.

Same here. The last two guys I dated definitely were not suit kinda guys, which made me want that even more. I love to dress up. Suits are hot.

He would be wearing boardies and no shirt with messed up surfie hair and a well defined six pack. As much as I want to like suits, I just get off on casual more…

I would have to say my ideal outfit on a guy is…

A white button down shirt – but not like boring plain – maybe a little design embroidered on it…. and the last few buttons undone… and some jeans – with a little worn look to them… and some black boot type shoes.

And some light brown hair spikey… or brown with some blonde in it also.

Fuck I need that man now. LOL

These jeans are hot.

Image hosted by

I like this look too though…

Image hosted by

I think maybe I just want to fuck Ty Pennington. LOL

You know, I’m surprised that a man in a suit is not a common theme here. Hmmm. Can’t EVER go wrong with the classics though… Just like the little black dress. 🙂

Yeap. I’m surprised more guys do not like putting on suits more often. Personally, I can’t wait to own my own tux. 🙂

Rawr… Very rawr indeed. Now who is this exquisite beauty? I dig the no bra look, vry few ladies can pull it off so well. 😉 Oooh, she’s got the little pink nips too! HOT!!!

anne hathaway. She was in those princess diary movies and others like them. But as you can see, she’s no kid 🙂

I love a man with a hot bod and a wifebeater. If he is bald and tatooed, then I am creaming my panties.

Most definitely jeans and a t-shirt. I’m such a “casual” chick. I want someone who wears the clothes, not have the clothes wear him.

I see too many suits on a daily basis, so that look seems very generic to me now.

But uniforms have always turned my head. Especially when the guy sporting it has a nice ass.

I definitiely go for the T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Especially if his shirt has on it Star Wars or Lord of the Rings kind of stuff. I’m a sucker for geeks, what can I say?


anything nice and clean cut. it doesn’t have to be a suit or anything name brand expensive. just nice and clean. OR something hip hop/ thug (baggy jeans, big shirt, not too big) BUT CLEAN…

Hehe. Yeah, working in the city kind of does that to ya. I remember back in my early 20s, a bunch of us used to have our lunches near Wall Street just to check out the fine ladies in business suits walking around on those nice spring days. After a little while though it got a little boring always seeing those typical navy or black suits. Not that we stopped of course… lol!

I worked in the city briefly a few years back for a web development firm on 33rd (around 8th Ave) street. I did not stay long because I despised my ride home which usually took about 2 hours and was only across the tunnel to Union City (which normally took all but 12 minutes without traffic).

Oooooh! I almost bought that Pi shirt too! I love the other shirt as well. My collection consists of:
and another one (which I can not seem to find) that says:
“Scan my network and die”

🙂 I <3 ThinkGeek! 🙂

And you would hop the subway all the way down to Wall St for lunch? Wow, musta had nice long lunches. 😉

Ah, I see. So you and your friends would go to Wall St, but you didn’t work at/in/near the city at the time. Sorry. Misunderstanding. I thought you would go there on work lunches…

no, i was posting in bttrdpotatoes but i moved back here to cocomilklover. i probably won’t use bttrdpotatoes anymore. cocomilklover will be my paid lj soon!

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