Pass the Pepto please


Still sick from last week, though now it has ventured down to my stomach. Last night I could not sleep well AT ALL because I felt like throwing up the whole night. It’s not like I tried to force it too, but it just would not happen. So I just went and got myself some Pepto chewables and they’re doing the job of controlling my tummy ever so nicely now. Though the fever is still there which is making it pretty hard to concentrate here at work.

My weekend pretty much sucked the big one. Well, not that bad but I did have to go in to work on Sunday to go through a few more server updates and one of them hit the shitter on our file server. So I had to stay about 4 hours later than expected on Sunday to get everything back to proper working order before Monday morning. Normally I would not have minded, but since I wasn’t feeling well in the least bit, I wasn’t a happy camper.

Saturday was a bright day because I got to head back to my parent’s place in North Bergen to celebrate my mom’s birthday a few days early. Her birthday is actually today but I’m too busy here at work for the week so I headed up Saturday to visit and drop off my gifts. I finally got to meet my brother’s girlfriend and she’s cool as hell. It was pretty cool too because she’s into the goth look so she had the whole black finger nails and eye makeup on plus these really kick ass pants that had chains on them and needed to be tied up with silk. She seemed to have a pretty good head on her shoulders and it was pretty cute watching them interact with each other. Made me think back to the time when I was going out with Barbara (my first g/f in high school) and how innocent everything was. I don’t know, even if there is someone new in my life now, it’s just not the same interactions and cuteness as that very first relationship right?

begin VERY rare political rant {

So today is election day and hopefully we’ll be under a new party rule after today. I mean I’m a registered democrat, but I just can’t fathom voting in that asshat Corzine into office when it’s only going to be the same old shit for the next 4 years. Not that it’s going to be much different with that idiot Forrester in there, but who knows. At least with Forrester in there government spending will go down a good amount. Honestly, I’d love to see Castillo in there to take the governor’s seat. Sure, he’s an Independent and would have his ass chewed out once in office by both Democrats and Republicans, but hearing his plans and ideas on how to make things better for us here in Jersey was a welcomed breath of fresh air. This man had some legitimate and very down to earth plans on how to at least get us on the right track to better government. All the other two chumps had was their magical “x% in x years” bullshit that we ALL know will never work out right because there is nothing to back up their statements.

It’s a shame the only way to win elections in this state (perhaps in other places too, especially federal) is to buy yourself in and make promises to everyone else BUT the public that voted you in. I find that as I am getting older, the sicker I am getting of the things both of the big parties do to keep their worthless asses in government. I’d love to see the day when we have 4 or 5 or more viable parties duking it out without the need to spend umpteen millions of dollars to get their views and plans across. If you really think about it, that’s the only we can introduce significant change in this state’s government. Otherwise it’s all about looking out for your own party and making yourself richer than actually working for the public, regardless if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

} //bleh…

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I wish the 3rd party was stronger too, something that was a viable alternative to Corzine and Corzine-lite. I’m going to vote for Forrester too, just for the simple reason that it’s impossible for Corzine to ‘clean up corruption’ when it’s his party that’s largely responsible for it.

Too bad you and I don’t live closer, we could be runningmates on a local ticket 🙂

I really hope you feel better! I too have been sick for OVER A WEEK!!! and it’s getting very old. I should buy some stock in Pepto… hmmmmm…

I agree with your post. I wish the other parties were strong enough to actually “be in” the races. I think Republicans and Democrats have become one big stinky monster – the Republicrat (or if you wish, the Demublicans.) I’d LOVE to see a Libertarian get into office. Our taxes would go down and we could do anything we wanted to – as long as it didn’t infringe on the rights of other people!

My thoughts exactly. One can’t clean up the shit when you’re part of the big ol’ stinkfest!

Hehe, we would pwn everyone! Our slogan would be something kick ass like “We don’t take shit”. lol

If we ever get rid of our need for money, I’d love to see Socialism kick in hard core. Heck, if it works for Star Trek, it works for me. 🙂

LOL @ Republicrats!!! That’s awesome!!!

Socialism? Ewww… I work hard for my money and don’t want someone else to get what I work for. Nor do I want to take something from someone else who has worked hard. Just doesn’t seem right, you know?

Hehe… Exactly why I said “If we ever get rid of our need for money.” That’s the key for this theory to work. At that point it’s all based on the sharing of knowledge and beliefs for the common good. There’s also the idealogy of libertarian socialism which is kind of the best of both worlds.

Ugh being sick does suck. Back in May I would have these coughing attacks, to the point where I couldn’t breath. I thought my allergies (of which I suffer from ALL year) had finally screwed me over enough to make me asthmatic. It turned out to be viral bronchitis, but it took a while to get over it.


lol… sounds like an oxymoron to me…

but I’m sooo sleepy so my mind can’t grasp anything except the pillow right now.

Wow! I had that type of bronchitis when I was a little kid and had the worst fever along with it too. How long did you have it for? For me it was about w weeks of hell… 🙁

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