Ya have a Sudafed?

One of the people I work with came in with their home PC this morning. Apparently the son went and royally screwed up the machine by downloading music (and what seems is the entire’s Internet worth of spy ware) from LimeWire and crap was that machine messed up. My first suggestion was just to completely reformat the machine and start anew because we had a bitch of a time getting to the desktop without crashing from pop-up overload. He mentioned he had some important docs on it and would rather not re-format it. So, about 4 agonizing hours later I was done and returned the machine back to him pretty much bug free and running a little faster than before.

After lunch I got back to my desk and there was a very nice bottle of merlot standing on my desk with a thank you note and let me tell you, it tastes delicious! 🙂 So yes folks, my going rate is pretty negotiable.

Anyway, I’m slowly starting to feel like shit. My throat is getting scratchy, it’s starting to hurt to swallow, my head is clogging up and I can slowly feel a freaggin’ fever coming on. ALl I can say is that if I am getting sick, I am glad it’s happening when it’s getting closer to the weekend. I’m pretty much just down to a half day of vacation time at work so getting sick on a weekend is much more welcomed than taking unpaid time off during the week while recuperating…

Ugh, I loathe getting sick.

/rummages around for his cold pills

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Ugh. Sorry to hear you’re getting sick. I’m just starting to get over my flu, after 10+ days.

Wow… More than 10 days?? Eeek! Good to hear you’re on your way to getting better now. 🙂

Yeah when I get the flu, I get it BAD. I still have a bit of a cold/cough, but the worst of it is gone, thankfully. 🙂

Spyware sucks big hairy ones. I need a resident computer expert!

Awwww sugar lips… come on over here and let me make you feel better. 😉

Im having a glass of white wine.

That was nice of them to bring you the wine though! I love thoughtful people!

i know how you feel. i hate getting/ being sick too! 🙁

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