Thursday thoughts…

  • One of the things I hate the most about eating out is that the worst shit for you is always significantly less expensive than the stuff that is good for you. For instance, a Mickey D’s cheeseburger and small drink is a couple of bucks. The scrumptious mixed green (with lots of spinach), apple, pear and walnut salad I had ran me seven bucks. With iced green tea with honey, bumped it up to an even ten smackers.
  • Seinfeld references are funny at all times of the day, especially at work. For instance we’re having a ball now that I got my hands on a few Junior Mints. “Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious!”
  • I think I am fully addicted to this blasted “Antiques Roadshow.” Every single damn time I see it on, I have to watch it only to see how ridiculously high someone would pay for an item like a little green porcelain fish flask. Plus that Lara Spencer’s pretty hot!
  • Ever since I saw an Eddie Izzard DVD which was taped in New York City, I now can’t stop saying “dog’s bollox” for everything. Does it really mean a good thing or was he yanking our willies? I think the most fascinating thing I found out was that god created the dinosaurs in the image of his cousin Ted. Makes sense methinks. 🙂
  • Ladies, if you are calling a gentleman over for a booty call, make sure you specify that in your phone conversation. Merely stating you made some dinner and invited one over does not automatically register as nasty freaky sex action coming up in our minds. Plus it helps to avoid any really awkward moments when said gentleman is about ready to head out the door once dinner, desert and conversation was had…
  • I’ve been wanting a GI Joe doll with a kung-fu grip forever. Do they even make those?
  • Cake or death??
  • I’m absolutely dreading the fact that there is only 4 more pay checks until Christmas, plus the 2 family birthdays and 3 friend’s birthdays all around that magical time. Kill me now…

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2) Too bad you don’t work here – I love the Seinfeld references.
3) The best on Antiques Roadshow is when they’re all, “this was sitting around in my attic for years and now it’s worth a million dollars.”
5) I just had this conversation with the guy I’m dating and a friend. The friend’s girlfriend will call at 2am just wanting to “do laundry,” but, apparently that is her secret code for booty call. Leo said he’d just turn off his cell phone if I started calling at that time…especially to do laundry.
8) I hear ya…

“Thank you for flying Church of England. Cake or Death?”
“Cake please.”
“Well, we are out of cake.”
“So my choice is ‘or death?'”

Heh. I love Eddie. I have all of his shows on dvd. 😀

Tell me baout it – I have my mom, niece & sister all between Thanksgiving & New Years!
But – I’ve already finished all my X-mas shopping!
I buy things here & there throughout the year when I have a little extra cash. ;P

I so agree with number 3!

Hahaha! See, the funny part is that the girl and I have a code word for it and since it wasn’t uttered, well… Hehe. Causes an awkward moment. LOL. 🙂

I’m so shooting myself for not doing the same thing you did by getting a little bit here and there for the holidays! Ack!

Well we just figure men are always horny and want to do us, so when they actually don’t try to we get offended and think we’re not fuckable anymore.
Or something….

A booty call? I haven’t had one of those in a long time! Funny thing, I’ve never been a booty call. I guess you could say I’ve been the booty call-er and not the booty call-ee.

I would make it pretty simple for them by saying:

“You. Here. Sex. Now.”

I think they got the hint…and I didn’t have to dirty up any dishes!

#1 is so true, and it’s the reason for the curious phenomenon of today’s society that is a complete opposite of how things *used* to be…once upon a time, those who prospered were heavyset because they could afford sumptuous feasts, and it was a status symbol, and the poor were sickly and waiflike. Now, the poverty-stricken are seeing huge numbers of obesity because of all the cheap, starchy, greasy crappy food they can afford, while the wealthier folks dine on arugula and seared mahi-mahi. So weird!

Speaking of fast food salads, a really yummy one is the Wendy’s “Spring Mix” salad…fyi.

Hahaha! Actually, I really do think it’s mostly woman that are the booty callers…

“You. Here. Sex. Now.”

If only all women were as straight to the point as that! *lol*

Oh yeah, I totally agree with that!

Mmmmm, yeah that’s a good one, though I prefer the Asian salad with a wee bit of the dressing. 🙂

I found all of his shows on mp3 online and made an mp3 disk of them to listen to in my car when I go on long road trips — when people are with me, it annoys the living hell out of them because I know, verbatim, the whole act. Heh.

I missed his last tour, “Sexie,” and they still have not released that on DVD! Bastards!

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