Let’s get physical…

I have this weird thing where I hate going to the gym when it’s warm out. There’s nothing I loathe more than having a good workout and then walking outside to some hot and sticky weather and making things worse. Yeah I can take a shower in the gym, but do you know the type of germs floating around in those places? The only buddy I hit the gym with took showers there from the moment he joined and got a real nasty case of foot fungus EVEN though he used his own towels, liquid soap, poof and thick flip flops. Let me tell you, some people who go to the gyms are the nastiest germ producing schmucks out there so I refuse to shower or use the saunas at any of them. A little germophobic of me, sure… But heck, at least I clean my own bathtub so I know that shit is spic and span. 🙂

Anyway, now that the weather is turning pleasantly colder now, I am dead set on hitting the gym hard core. Another good benefit to going to the gym in the colder weather is that it is significantly less crowded, so I have more of the place to myself. The last time I went to the gym was sometime in early September I think and way too much time has passed since I have been there. I weighed myself at the ex’s place a few days ago and was very pleased that I dropped another 9 pounds so I am down to about 231 which is way cool being that at my heaviest, I was 253. Either way, my goal is to be as close as healthily (is that even a word) possible to my goal weight of 185 pounds. Sure, it might seem a little on the heavy side, but I tend to generate some muscle quickly (nah, not Ahh-nold type) so I tend to be a lot heavier than I physically appear. Though I think dropping that much weight before my gym membership expires in April might not be too keen.

Eh well, either way tonight it begins!!!

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I understand about the shower thing. I never went to a school with mandatory showers after gym, so I never got used to showering in a group setting.

I need to get back to the gym. In the last year I’ve gained a bunch of weight and now I’m 20 pounds away from my heaviest, and that is really scary. I need to join the gym, but the convenient ones have bad rates. I need to make my choice, convenience or low dues.

In January I was 208. In May I was 165. I ate healthy and worked out. I did not go overboard on starving myself or anything. I was just strict during the weekdays and gave myself 1 day on the weekend where I could eat whatever I wanted. Since then I’m back up to like 180 but I haven’t done anything but be a sloth and eat only fast food. I’m about to go back to my healthy eating and working out. But I’m taking it slow since I can’t really work out for another couple of weeks. So to answer your question, no a 26 lb weight loss in 5 months is not too drastic. Generally they tell you not to lose more than 2 to 3 lbs a week. So you could lose around 40 to 60 lbs in 5 months and still be healthy doing it.

Yeah, it’s definitely not to fast. My boy is a PT, so I know all about that kind a stuff, he has people on a lose 5 kgs in 8 weeks before xmas plan a the moment, so that is like 11 pounds in 2 months i think…

I don’t think that’s drastic at all. As long as you’re excercising & eating well!

Yeah same here. I was never used to showering in public so that’s another reason gym showers are out for me too. Heh.

Yeah, unfortunately my gym was bought out by New York Sports Clubs (used to be Gold’s) and it pretty much went downhill after that. Sadly, that’s the chain of gyms near me so I’m either taking up jogging as a hobby and/or buying myself a home gym to continue my workouts at home once my membership ends in April. I’ve found that convenience is the more important factor for me. If it’s a pricey gym, it would pretty much force to ge very frequently so that I would not feel like I am blowing my money by skipping. 🙂

Ahhh good deal. Was a little scared of losing too much too fast and winding up with skin dropping off me.

Yeah fast food is always the killer no matter what. The one good thing about not eating fast food is that if the occassion ever comes up when you do eat it, you usually feel pretty sick afterwards. Heh. Kind of makes you wonder what’s in the stuff in the first place.

Yeap, eating well has pretty much been taken care of. It’s the more exercising that I have to do now. 🙂

and one and a half to two pounds weekly is an ideal goal. Anymore than that and you’re losing water weight – getting dehydrated.

I once got some sort of skin disease (thank goodness it was only superficial) from the gym. Also, a male friend of mine got jock itch (an extension of foot fungus) from going to gyms. Very gross.

Since that incident I try not to expose my bare skin to anything when I work out. (Which isn’t very difficult since I’m such a slacker about working out most of the time!)

Yeah, I have a few buddies that got jock itch too from gyms.

I usually just use that disinfecting spray on ever surface of the machine I am about to use before I hop on. Luckily, for the next few weeks I’ll only be hitting the treadmill and elliptical machines so it’s not much to wipe off before and after. 🙂

I’m hoping the expense will keep me going. But then I was a member of Bally’s for nearly 3 years and only when maybe 6 months of the time I was a member. That was a waste, I’ll never do that contract stuff again.

*shudders* Bally’s….

I have not met a person that could say a nice thing about that club. Never tried it myself though.

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