If you are among the very young at heart…

Since today is Halloween, we have a bunch of kids coming into our building today to snag some free candy and other treats from the various departments around us. During lunch, one of the kids in front of me on the line wanted the sandwich girl to make her a “roast beast (hehe yeah, too cute) and cheese” sandwich. While we were all laughing at the cuteness of that request, I couldn’t help being just a wee bit jealous of that kid. Don’t you wish sometimes that you were still a kid with the whole world before you again? I must have been thinking out loud because I thought to myself, “Ahh, what I would give to be that age again,” and the gentleman next to me patted me on my back and simply said, “Don’t we all.”

So this weekend, I went to a house warming party a couple of friends threw for their one year anniversary of the house closing and it was very pleasant. There were a TON of people there and I only knew about three of them, the married couple and another friend, Carol. This was a little awkward for me because well, I get very uncomfortable around large groups of people where I do not know most of them. I guess you can call it a fear of large groups of people, so I generally try not to put myself in those situations. It’s not like I freak out or anything, I just get pretty uncomfortable in those intimate settings where I know just a couple and am just too shy to force myself to meet others out of the blue. What made it worse was that almost everyone there was married so it made it doubly tough to mingle around just to chit chat with people. Eh well… Anyway, we (Nicky & Kevin [married couple] & Carol) all go pretty far back to our college days so it was really good seeing everyone, especially Carol (such a gorgeous woman who I have had a major thing for years… /swoons) who I found out was single. However, I was sad to hear she’s moving down to DC pretty soon but we got to talk and catch up on everything which is always a great thing nonetheless. Unfortunately, I had to cut out of the get together earlier than expected because of a family thing that came up while I was there. Nothing serious, but I did have to drive up to my parent’s place right after I left.

One cool thing I also did this weekend was learn how to make a better flan from the ex. I finally got her to break down and show me how to make one which I did and I hear it came out fabulously. 🙂 Hoo yah!!

Also, let it be known that today I am taking it very easy with the candy so that I can avoid another visit to the doctor’s office soon like I had to do last year.

Hope your Halloween day is enjoyable!

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When and I were in IKEA last night, we saw this little boy riding on one of the carts, just moments after I had mentioned wanting to ride the cart but holding back. After a little while, the boy got off the cart, got behind his dad and pushed him up in the cart, saying it was his turn. Then the boy pushed his dad. It was so cute and made me laugh. Aaahh, to be a kid again. assured me that I don’t have to be a kid again to be goofy, and I guess that’s what we have to remember.

I totally know what you mean about big parties – I felt exactly the same way last weekend in Tucson. I only knew three people there and I was kinda uncomfortable. But it’s good to break out of our confort zones, right?

I would not want to be a kid again for anything in the world. My childhood sucked ass. I would really like to have a re-do childhood, complete with a new family, friends, and location.

Oh man, I would have loved to be in that cart at the IKEA! Nice and roomy ones too! 🙂

Yeah… Every once in a while I don’t mind breaking out of my little zone of happiness. At the very least this time was well worth it because I got to see some good friends. 🙂

Me sorry to hear this… 🙁

Though I have also wondered what it may have been like had I grown up in a different area or even friends as well. I never had any issues with my family, however the location and friends could have most definitely been different from me. I wasn’t too fond of growing up in an area where people always got into fights, guns were shot or police constantly being around and that type of stuff. 🙁

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