Chop my nose off!

I was just working in the server room on some PCs that I’m playing around with when I noticed that something around me was really reeking of old lady perfume. I was going crazy looking around to find the cause of the offending odor but it was nowhere to be found. Then I sniffed down at my shirt and got a full blast nasal barrage of that putrid scent and literally started tearing from it. I know I wasn’t anywhere close enough to one of the women here at work to warrant the scent being stuck on me, so I grabbed the money out of my shirt pocket and I struck gold.

The entire wad of singles I got back from my lunch smelled like it was dipped in that crap and now that blasted scent is stuck to my shirt like that bad BO Seinfeld episode. This smell is worse than cheap stripper perfume I tells ya! I’m in hell over here and my office mate is just cracking up. I’m tempted to throw the money in his laptop bag to stink it up to high heaven when he gets home… Heh.

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Yuck… overwhelming perfume/calogne is bad enough!

I was on campus using a computer lab last weekend. During the day there usually aren’t any lab tech’s in there because most of the time, they’re booked for classes, but in the evening, they have tech’s. Anyway, I walked into one and the BO was so overwhelming, it was insane. I could tell the lab tech had been there all evening =\

I always kind of dug the cheap stripper perfume! Makes me feel 18 again!

Heheh old lady smell has got to go though!


Ew ew ew ew ew ew!!!

There is nothing worse than people BO! I remember some very nasty cases of it when I was at the computer labs at Rutgers too. Wooof!

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