Thursday thoughts…

  • Saw Bowling for Columbine last night. While it was fairly entertaining, I did not find I learned much at all with the exception that you folks out there in Michigan are a bunch of hardcore gun-toting freaks. 😉 Obtaining shotguns simply by opening bank accounts in the same day?!?! Dude, that shit is sick. 😉
  • I fucking LOVE white chocolate and macadamia cookies and there was an extra bag of it available after I had my lunch. I am owning these delicious treats!!!
  • After having a catch-up chat with one of my exes yesterday afternoon, she now has an LJ to be able to read up on my entries. I’ll make the formal introductions when she gets off her fine booty and starts posting. 🙂
  • Is it me or does The War at Home try way too hard to be the red-headed bastard stepchild of Married with Children?
  • I have now officially dubbed MySpace as LiveJournal’s Official Meme/Quiz Dumping Ground(tm). Who’s with me on this?
  • I believe that if everyone in the world got some oral first thing in the morning (after a shower of course), we would likely achieve world peace.
  • Ladies, no matter how sexy you think it might look, having your tummy bulging out from under your small top is not flattering in the least bit.
  • Thanks to Angie, I STILL have “I’m too Sexy” stuck in my head!! Damn you woman!!! Can. Not. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. Head! Heh.

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AMEN to #6 (wish my husband thought that way!)

and LMAO to #7! I agree 100%

oh c’mon, you DO know by now that there isn’t an ounce of truth in the Columbine movie. That gun/bank scene was edited to make it look like he walked in and got the gun. Didn’t happen like that all.

Hehe… Well duh… 😉

A lot of it was exagerrated though there was a bit of truth in a few parts. That’s what sucks about documentaries, most of them almost always exaggerate the point to favor the person telling the story. This has always been the case with that fast ass bitch Michael Moore…

Yeah, after thinking about it when I posted it, I did think it was a little off. However the fact that you can obtain a gun from a bank is pretty freaky anyway, regardless of how long it takes to have it handed back to ya.

you folks out there in Michigan are a bunch of hardcore gun-toting freaks.

Some of us are civilized you know and don’t lump all Michiganders into this category — hence one of the reasons why Michael Moore irritates the living hell out of me. He takes and spins to his point of view — not necessairly offering “truth” but kernels of truth. I remember some time ago on his website he called for the boycott of Wal-Mart stores cos apparently a man walked in and bought bullets and shot his wife in the middle of the store — while she was working. The boycotting is to have Wal-Mart stop selling bullets to “prevent” any more tragedies like this happening. My reasoning is if the guy wanted her dead, he could have used something else like a kitchen knife to stab her to death if Wal-Mart did not sell bullets. Thus, if that were to have happened, does the public boycott Wal-Mart on freaking KNIVES because some deranged lunatic killed his wife using one from the store? It’s all hubris in my opinion and Moore just keeps propegating the BS.

You know, like Republicans. 🙂

Michigander, here too!

There are some crazy rednecks that live up north in the boonies, but for the most part…we are just as nutty as anyone else.

LOL! Damn, you know I just realized a very very necessary “;)” was removed at the end of that statement. I swear I hate Word’s auto-formatting crap… *lol*

“You know, like Republicans. :)”


Yeah we got some crazy mofos here in Jersey too. Down south and west a bit we have some of them Confederate flag-lovin’ gun-totin’ scary types. Craaaaaazeeee!

You are forgiven — now show me your papers. 😉

1. As a Michigander, I take offence to that!! Nah, really I don’t. I enjoy Bowling For Columbine very much, and watched it the other night, too – but like you said, there isn’t much to learn from it.

2. Yucky

6. Sounds good

7. Agreed

I make the best white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Just so you know.

I kept playing the shooting scene over and over…
It’s very eerie to watch- the only reason I would watch that film again.

Yeah at first I had no clue what was going on and then my friend said they were real shootings and I was like O_o!! Freaky shit indeed!

Haha!! Yeah, more often than not, I usually see bulges than flat tummies behind those short shirts… You’d think a friend would tell them something. Eh well. 🙂

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