I figured since it’s the middle of October, I might as well do that name token thingy that I’ve been meaning to do for the past couple of months. Granted, I liked my old name a lot for a username, that really only fit the way I felt about my life a couple of years back. Now that I’m pretty much ok with where I am with my life, I picked a phrase that seemed to fit my life well now. That and again, another one of my close friends called me that over dinner this weekend so pretty much sealed the deal.

The rest of this weekend was not half bad with the exception that I was not able to go to Shelly’s house and help her out with doing some minor repairs to things like I wanted to. Some serious trouble happened at work and I pretty much spent most of Sunday at work until pretty late taking care of things. I’m finally glad to see the rain done with here in Jersey and it felt really good walking outside to a crisp sunny Fall morning again. I can’t wait until the leaves start turning so that I can make my annual trip up north to see the pretty scenery at High Point State Park.

I also finally figured out the reason for a MySpace account. It’s the perfect place for me to dump all of my memes and such rather than this place. 🙂 I’ve been posting up bulletins like a fiend there so if you’re into that type of stuff, feel free to add me as a friend there.

Oh yeah, Kerri I got your voicemail this morning! I’ll try and give ya a ring tomorrow morning on my way to the old jobby job. 🙂

Still tired from not enough sleep last night, so I’m hitting the hay. Night folks!

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Cool new name, I’m surprised that it wasn’t already taken! (Not that you aren’t original, hehe)

Hehe. Actually it was a taken name at one point. But it seems the person abandoned it and it became available so I nabbed it for myself before anyone else took it. lol. Sneaky one I am… 😉

i was wondering who the hell this was…. like the name change 😀

I sure am glad you said what your other name was. I was like “who the hell is this and how did they get on my friends list”. lol

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