A walking contradiction

There’s this rather attractive blonde who works the front desk at my job. Every morning, she walks around our building (which we have determined to be about 1/3 to 1/2 a mile around) several times to keep herself nicely toned. This would have been a rather commendable act of personal fitness were it not for the fact that she also puffs away at a few cigarettes while she is busily trudging around the building every morning.

Indeed she is a walking contradiction…

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I used to drink coke while I was working out at Bally’s. :/
I’m addicted!

Heh. Well, in a way I can understand that. The sugar will just make ya work out faster/better because of the sugar high… Hmmm, maybe I should try that in my gym workouts as well! lol

Haha! I know what you mean…I used to feel a little guilty driving home from the gym puffing on a cigarette on the way.

Kind of like ordering a Big Mac meal with a Diet Coke,huh?

I just got done doing the exact same thing! Smoking while walking, that is…dumb!!! 😛

I have a co-worker who was so proud of herself that she could run continuously for 8 minutes straight. Before I even had a chance to tell her congratulations, she added “Well, that is really good for me because I smoke and I have asthma.”

I didn’t know whether to applaud or call her a dumbass. I settled for the dumbass.

lol i know people like that hehe i never really get it

I never did too… Also what bugs me is when people load up on like bacon eggs and cheese at the local diners yet do not take the toast because the carbs are bad for them…

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