I want half Eddie…

So the ex is leaving for a week to Jamaica tomorrow and hopefully find Dexter St. Jacques (kudos to whoever gets that reference) for some good times and she left me in charge of taking care of her pad for the time being. Muahahahaha! You know when I was a kid, I never threw the token party when my parents went away and I’m thinking now would be a great time to catch up… Nah… She’d drop/hammer/whatever-karate kick me so fast it wouldn’t be funny.

Didn’t really do much this weekend with the exception of going to my friend Shelly’s pad to check out her new house and have some good home made dinner and tasty wine. She’s got a cool three bedroom in a decent part of Trenton (who’d have thought it?) and she’s still fixing it up but it’s not too shabby there. Since she’s fairly close to where I live, I think I’m going to give her a hand in the coming weeks in fixing up the place. Granted she’s really freaggin’ handy herself, I figure a helping hand is always a welcomed surprise.

The roomie was away in Rhode Island for the weekend, so I took advantage of the time to myself and gave the place a thorough cleaning and bought some extra things to spruce up the place a bit. Other than that, some serious WoW’ing was had and I finally got one of my 60s (the mage) to escort Windsor back to the Keep in Stormwind City for the Onyxia line of quests. It’s still pretty cool that even now, people still get all sorts of excited when Marshal Windsor comes back into town.

How was all of your weekends?

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My weekend ended up being blissfully uneventful, just as I told you I hoped for 😉 <3

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