Nothing better than a pair of lovely shaved legs

Just found this surfing the net and figured I would share it with the lovely ladies of my friends list and everyone else who doesn’t happen to be there (shame on you!).

My ex used it and it doesn’t do a half bad job on the legs, though don’t venture any further with it… If you’d like to smooth out the deliciously naughty areas, nothing’s better than a Mach3. 🙂

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Hey, thanks for the link! I’ve tried these before and wasn’t all that impressed, but I’ll take anything that’s free 😉

I’ve used Intuition for a long time. I’m such a nerd, however, that I often start humming the theme song for it.

I use John’s Mach 3 on my naughty areas…I like to be smooooth….

You know, the one they play in the commercials. It’s from the song by Jewel.

Cool; thanks!!
I love that razor..
I collect razors; it’s one of my weird habits. :/

Personally I prefer to wax – smoother for longer….

They didn’t want to send a free sample to oz anyway ;(

Mmmmm, waxy smoothness… 😀

Oh that sucks they don’t deliver down there. :(( Pooh to them I say!

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