Patience young grasshopper…

So this past Friday I go to the DMV (oh wait, it’s the MVC now) to renew my car’s registration at around lunch time and of course the place is somewhat packed. The one thing I can appreciate from McGreevy’s reign a couple of years back is that he definitely did a great job in hiring the right people to overhaul the place. Lines move a lot faster, the service is a lot better and you actually get a smile or two when you’re conducting business.

So, I’m there in line (split into 2) and I notice the woman behind me is really antsy. She’s huffing and puffing like an impatient school girl and looking down at her watch every 5 seconds as if another 5 minutes have passed or something. The line is moving a decent pace and one of the reps becomes a little busier than normal, so the other lady at the information desk has to take care of the two lines while the other rep need to fetch a supervisor. I was supposed to go next, but the other rep took the lady next to me instead which I did not mind because she had an easy car renewal like I did. The lady behind me however, took offense and asked me why I let her go in front of me. I politely told her that I was not the one who let her go and it was the rep who did that. Then she got all sorts of prissy with me and I asked her if she was in a rush because she was acting in that manner. She said she was on her short lunch break and at that point I politely stood aside and motioned for her to cut ahead of me and said “well feel free to go ahead of me.” Apparently, being a nice guy really pissed her off because she became quite irate at me for doing that. The guy behind her and the new lady next to me both mentioned that if she really was in a rush, she’d accept my offer and move up. So, she blurts out “No” and continues to tap her feet and stare at her watch huffing away like she’s running out of air or something and murmuring something under her breath at me… At that point I turn around and tell her, “Hey you’re in a rush so I offered to let you get ahead of me, you said no so stop being a prissy little cunt about things and either move ahead of me or behave yourself.”

She didn’t like that at all…

But the guy behind her almost pissed his pants laughing. My turn was next, so I went up and did my 30 second (literally) thing and got sent to another line for my payment which wound up taking all of 10 minutes. The rep then picked the lady next to me and as I was walking away I could hear the woman who was behind me start screaming at the rep. My guess was that she did not think alternating between two lines of people was in her best interests and fair to her.

Now, I’m not sure if you know this, but most MVC offices are always manned by police officers nowadays and the reps in there do not take shit period. The rather tall officer sprinted over to the location and started having a conversation with the rude girl and a few seconds later, she was escorted out of the building. Then a few people in that line started applauding. Heh.

Some people have to learn the hard way about things I suppose…

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Did you really call her a prissy little cunt? I love you 🙂

What the heck was her problem?

You were nothing but kind until it was time to be nasty. What a MORON!

Funny how a few minutes of waiting can drive someone to do something like that. I was at a bank not to long ago and the guy behind me in line was acting similar. He was huffing and puffing so hard, he was actually blowing my hair around.

Holey shit. You really told her, didn’t you?! AWESOME! <3

“The rather tall officer sprinted over to the location and started having a conversation with the rude girl and a few seconds later, she was escorted out of the building.”

Good! About time some of these people got kicked out on their ass for being jerks.


I did something like that to a guy standing behind me at a Boston Market. Told him to shove his cornbread up his ass too, the cashiers cheered. I still think you win.

awesome story!

i’ve noticed the security guards at the DMV a few times, but i’ve never seen them actually throw someone out (though i’ve seen some ppl that i’m shocked weren’t thrown out!) actually, come to think of it, last time i was at DMV (same reason as you – car registration) the damn computers went down and the nice old security guard walked me to the front of this ridiculously long line just to get me a form that i could mail in. i guess he should really say his job is helping out young cute girls! 🙂

I’d love to have you in any line in front of me,
but I’d hate to have her waiting in the back. : )

*Joins applause*

You actually called her the “C” word!? Wow. You got balls ‘o steel!

Most people wouldn’t have said anything, I think that is why people act the way they do. They don’t like being called out….I LOVE calling people out. Makes me feel redeemed.

Haha! Oh yeah <3… Here in Jersey, we have absolutely no problem with dropping the “C” or “F” bomb on anyone in the street or your local place of business or family member or best friend. If you have it coming to you, I have no problems expressing myself to you. 🙂

Bleh… She was one of them super prissy women with the Gucci bags, Manolo Blahniks, fake tans, bought tits, etc… that just HAS to have everything go their way because they feel they are so important. I get tons of them near where I work and live and they really irk me at times.

Hehe… Of course <3! I have no problems bitching someone out if they so richly deserve it… lol. 🙂

Hehe. Actually, everytime I have been to the MVC (with the exception of the time I got my digital driver’s license) I have seen someone get escorted out. With all of these wacky homeland security rules now in effect, if you even so much as give the reps the hairy eyeball, you’re ass is out of there.

Hehe… Oh yeah, the attractive ladies usually have carte blanche pretty much every business I have been to. However, yeah ever since the new homeland security stuff, the MVCs are always full of police officers. Not the rent-a-cops too, full fledged ones with like guns and crap. My guess is because they are trying to cut down on document fraud so when someone is stupid enough to show up with fake ID, the cops are right there to haul their butts away.

lol! Oh yeah I love doing shit like that… but only when people have it coming to them… I’m a million times worse when I am driving though, it’s like my evil alter ego is taking over or something… lol

You’re so right though, calling people out is such a great feeling, especially when they are being assholes to others.

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