Friday Five – PC edition

Considering the last Friday Five I did was a while ago, I figured I would do one since it’s related to one of my loves. =)

1. What kind of computer do you have? (Mac, iBook, Dell, etc.)
I have 3.
a. Home built AMD 3200xp with a gig of ddr ram as my personal desktop.
b. Dell Dimension 4500 that serves as my linux router/firewall/media center/pr0n depot for my apt.
c. Old piece of crap Sony laptop that serves as my LJ and browsing PC at work since it’s on a separate DSL line from the rest of my network.

2. How old is it? Are you happy with it?
a. Built roughly 4 years ago but has been steadily upgraded as time went on. Last major upgrade was the RAM to make my World of Warcraft less laggy in Ironforge. I’m fairly happy with it, though I could eventually use a much better video card. My Radeon 9700 Pro is just not cutting it anymore.

b. About 3 years ago and it’s purring ever so prettily still.

c. It’s older than ass… I hate it, but don’t want to spend the 4 grand for that sweet Sager I have my eyes on.

3. How many computers are in your household? (at home if you are away at school)
I have 3, my roomie has 2.

4. What are your favorite games/time wasters on your computer?
World of Warcraft, LJ and IM’ing with buddies.

5. If money were no object, what kind of computer would you like to have?
If I had the money to waste, I’d love to get my hands on one of these bad boys with the better screen, 2gb ram, raid 1 on 2 120gb sata drives, tv tuner and dvd burner… Ooooh yeah, come to poppa.

If not, enough money to build a sweet amd64 beast of a machine which should run about half the price of the laptop.