Not sure what to think about this…

My boss just pulled me into his office and locked the door behind him. He had a really serious look about him, so I was kind of starting to freak out a bit.

Then he asks me how I felt about blind dates.

O.o <-- That's what I literally looked like Apparently, his wife has a friend who's single with a "nice" personality (danger! danger! abandon ship! abandon ship! chubby spics first!!!) and is a little older than me. It was pretty awkward for me but he also said that she was looking to find a long term relationship and to settle down and stuff. This was actually a good thing because it made my answer that much simpler. I politely told him no thanks and that if anything I'm not even too interested in dating for another couple of years and we dropped it at that. Man, that's bad when your boss tries setting you up. Sheesh! Well, at least I know the guy likes me enough to try and find me someone new... Hehe... I should treat him to lunch now that I think about it. 🙂

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Heh – yeah, I’ve learned from previous jobs to keep any relationship status talks away from work. I just got too tired of people trying to set me up or saying things like, “you’re single? I didn’t know there were people like you still around at our age.” So, the people at my new job will remain blissfully ignorant.

Lmao! This is too hilarious; I can just picture the whole scenario playing out!

I bet you were FREAKING out thinking they had your quickie on video or something!

Yeah… It’s starting to pop up a lot more frequently here. I think I’ll just have to drop a lie and say I’m seeing someone or something.

Haha! Oh yeah… Almost like it came out of Seinfeld. Especially when he was describing her… It was almost like Jerry talking to george about the girl he was trying to set her up with.

Awww, what a good compliment that your boss wants to hook you up. 🙂

What a compliment! If only it wasn’t such an awkward situation 😉 I don’t know what I’d do if I was still single and the principal came up to me and asked me that! O.o

Why meet a girl to date when you can come to California and get fucked silly? 😛 Hee Hee.

Hey, is that something he can dock you for on your next review? “…does not take well to suggestion…when presented with an offer to nail wife’s haggard friend, made it abundantly clear that he was not interested in such a commitment…is this a sign of things to come?”

Hmmmmmmm. ;-P

You know, my boss would be that sneaky to attempt that on my next review! Hehe.. I’d laugh my ass off if he tried it. lol

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