Good wine and good friends.

Ahh, there is nothing better than sharing some Châteauneuf-du-Pape with a good friend over dinner catching up on each other’s lives. A couple of months ago, I helped out Al’s dad with a few tech issues at his job so as a thank you, I got treated to a dinner at the place of my choosing. Since Al and I pretty much have eaten at most of the places worth eating in Central Jersey, we decided to try out a new place. Oddly enough, neither of us have been to Stage Left, so we ventured there today and it was pretty decent though too expensive for it’s own good. The food was quite good, but we had wait staff in training so the service could have been a lot better for the price of the food there. I wound up having the duck confit and the rack of lamb which was all decent, but the dinner discussion went EVERYWHERE which is always a good thing. We talked about our current social situations, our circle of friends, jobs, parties, games, old times, what we’re doing this weekend and just pretty much BSing around in a way two good friends can only do.

On the way down, I talked to my friend Shelly and she wants me to come out to the new house she just moved into for some homemade dinner that she owes me as well. So, I’m headed out there the weekend after next and I’m totally psyched about that as she just recently became single… Weeee!

Now, I’m waiting for the good wine buzz to die down…

Hope you cats have a good weekend!

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There is nothing better than good wine, good food and good company…

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