Heard on the radio this morning…

It seems as if a good number of people in this land all have their panties in a bunch because of the word refugee being used to describe those who were forced out of their homes due to Katrina. Apparently to some of the rather ignorant folk out there, this is now being described as a defamatory term to call those who were forced to evacuate from their homes. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a refugee someone who is seeking refuge or asylum from a rather horrible event? So, then wouldn’t those who were forcefully displaced from their homes because Katrina (as well as those individuals during 9/11, the onslaught of hurricanes last year in Florida, earthquakes, tornados, wars, etc.) and forced to live elsewhere be known as refugees? Sure, it’s a rather unpleasant word, but then again so is displaced, evacuee, outcast, homeless and dead which also describe those in that area of the country. I just don’t get it, does anyone?

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People just don’t STOP looking for something to bitch about with that.

Ummm, of course they’re fucking refugees!!!
Wtf, some people are so fucked up.
I keep my dictionary around for just this purpose…

Refugee ~ a person who has left his home and seeks refuge elsewhere, as from war or persecution or some natural disaster.

Of course it also reminds me of that Tom Petty song, which I love. 🙂

People are too sensitive and try too hard to be policially correct. I’m with you on this.

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