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  1. alyson hannigan:
    What is there not to like about her? My main attraction to her is namely for the character Willow she played on Buffy who is pretty much the type of woman I look for in a mate. Then again her character in the American Pie series pretty much sealed the deal too… Heh. “Say my name bitch!”
  2. christopher walken:
    Plain and simple, the man is a god. There really is not anything out there he has made that I do not like, though I do have more of a fondness for him when he plays a bad guy. He just does it so well!
  3. earl grey tea:
    Hmm, just like the way it tastes. Actually, now that I think about it, this is the only tea I drink if I am ever having the stuff.
  4. girls with glasses:
    Girls in glasses = drool worthy! There’s no ifs ands or buts about it… Add a set of glasses (especially them librarian type, but not as thick) to a pretty face and booyah! So teh hawt!
  5. korean food:
    Asian food with a huge kick to it (along with Thai). Nothing better than sitting down with a bunch of friends over a bbq pit full of bulgolgi and some beers. Ahh, could use some right about now…
  6. new york city:
    The city all cities are compared to but never come remotely close. I love it there and try my best to hang there on a regular basis.
  7. questionable content:
    I forgot how I came about the website, but I fell in love with this particular web comic. Plus, it has Faye, the single-most hottest toon ever thought of and put to a comic.
  8. sex:
    Ummm yeah… Do I really need to with this one?
  9. swingers:
    Ladies, if you ever need to watch a movie about the minds of some of the guys out there and relationships, this is the one to watch. This money is so money and it doesn’t even know it!
  10. web cams:
    Hmmm, I guess I put this in mostly because if I’m ever home and on Yahoo, I usually pop up the webcam and chat with my buddies.

12 replies on “Been seeing a lot of this”

I spose I shouldn’t ever post a pic of me in my librarian glasses then, huh!?

Now that’s just not right… I think not posting a photo of your lovely self in glasses would do a tremendous disservice to the “women in glasses (especially libarian) are hot” movement I am attempting to start up here… I’m sure others would agree!

Indeed I do!


Yeeeeap…. 😀

You are the second person on my friends list to mention girls in glasses today. 🙂

3.) Teat? You drink from teats?

4.) I wear glasses! But you’ll never see them on me in a photo. 😛

OMG, you TOTALLY said “teat!” I love that word…it also is a term of endearment my sis uses for me too. The pluralized version of that, I should say ;-P

Yes!!! The Women In Glasses (especially libarian) Are Hot movement is well underway! Wooo!

Nice icon by the way… 😉

3. Hahaha! Holy crap, I just saw that!!! Fixed and thanks for making me aware of that little typo… hehe… ;P

4. Awwww… :*(

Hahaha! Yeah, I guess my head was somewhere else eh?? *lol*

Ooooh, another nifty icon sportin’ some glasses!!! Woooo!

Hehe, yep…I couldn’t resist! 😀 It’s not often that we spectacled gals are revered in such a way…so I’ll take the bait where I can *wink*

Thanks. 🙂

And, I wish you luck with your new movement.

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