My how Winnie has grown…

Remember the Wonder Years? How about Winnie? How bad did you want to be Kevin Arnold when they had that kiss? Why the million questions?

Well, I was just reading an article about her and I am so in love with her now. Not only is she still a freaggin’ hottie, but she’s a major hottie with a beast of an intellect! I never knew this, but she majored in math at UCLA and even co-authored a mathematical proof as an undergrad! She also did a rather fabulous spread in Stuff magazine where I found some rather lovely photos of her…

Hellooooo nurse!

Now that's a nice ass!

Hey baby, nice shoes...


19 replies on “My how Winnie has grown…”

Holy shit! She is a hottie! I LOVED the Wonder Years and seen every episode! I even call my son’s first girlfriend his little “Winnie Cooper” because they have been on again and off again for 3 years now.

Too adorable.

Flat? Oh you’re talking the breasts…. hehe… Yeah, I guess she is, but I’m all about dat ass and there’s definitely some jiggle in that one. 🙂

Awwww! Hehe. I think they still play that show like on Nick or something along those lines… One of the greatest shows EVAH!

oh ok, i must have gotten your face confused with someone elses! xoxo

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