I have a 3 hour meeting to go to in 10 minutes that I have absolutely no reason to be in. As a matter of fact, going to this meeting will force me to stay in late today since I have a crap load of stuff to take care of with the servers before this weekend. Ugh, drop some comment love (jokes, stories, pictures, videos, tell me about your day, promises of some oral… [well I had at least to try and sneak that one in, lol]) if you get a chance to give me a few laughs or feel your pain when I get back…

Well, I show up with a few other ladies (one of them is that woman that always wears the nice shoes… /grin), grab a doughnut and sit down at the meeting table to wait for everyone else to show up. Five minutes pass, ten, fifteen, twenty and no one is there still. Annoyed, I go to our department assistant and ask her if she knows why no one has shown up. She has no clue and started making some calls. She comes into the meeting room and lets us all know that the meeting was rescheduled.

To 1pm this afternoon.

It runs until 5pm.

Yes, they added an extra hour….


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ummm, I’m not really awake enough to do this… ;p
And yes, I’m already at work!! LOL

Meetings suck. I had two yesterday, one of which involved driving in that horrific downpour. The other one I was rocking in my chair like a kindergartener just to stay awake.

umm… I got nothing. Maybe I’ll have something better later.

That totally sucks! What kind of moron schedules a FRIDAY AFTERNOON MEETING? I’ll be thinking of you on my 4 hour drive to Georgia! But hey, at least I’ll get some radio or CD’s to listen to.

Those are the kind of meetings that I ALWAYS doze off in! Sucks! So sorry!

Really smart to schedule such a meeting for Friday afternoon…

I hate going to those boring meetings. I always used to stare into space and imagine my boss naked. When you consider the sort of people I worked with, I’m surprised I didn’t throw up on the table.

Jokes. Jokes? No, I don’t have any of those! I could round up the other wenches around here for some virtual stripteases, though? 😉

Haha! Luckily I did not fall asleep in that meeting even though it seemed to take FOREVER! =)

Heh. Well, sometimes I tend to think some of those I work with aren’t the brightest of the bunch.

Hmmm, picturing a bunch of 50-60 year olds in the buff just send the worst shivers down my spine…

Virtual stripteases are welcomed any time you wish to perform any! Weeeee!

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