I’m not blonde!

This is fucking priceless, albeit the lamest flame war that ever existed… These half-wits sooo deserved to get fired.

Make sure you read from the bottom up:

Here’s the actual news story:

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I just added you on yahoo messenger – your comments have been missed

WOOHOO! Just actually got your message when I got back to my desk. 🙂 Will send ya a message when I see ya pop on again. 😀

Yeah, the funniest part though is how insanely fast it left their network and into their’s competition’s hands which then made it around the net REAL fast… Hehe. Ahh the beauty of the net.

I don’t get why it exploded into a fight. How stupid! I mean, she was just telling her that she saw her sandwhich in another fridge. What a bitch to get mad about that – like the other woman was saying she was stupid or something. Uptight bitches obviously… lol

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