That’s some expensive gas


I passed a few stations on my way to work with prices for regular above 3 bucks per gallon. Mark my words, before this gets any better, we’re seeing somewhere above 4 bucks for the stuff here in Jersey. This winter’s heating bills are going to bite some major sweaty hair man ass too…

$3.15 as noon today at the Gulf across the street from my job.
Above $3.25 at other gas stations around me…

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Over $3?! Wow, makes me glad I don’t have a car anymore. Although I’m sure it will be no time before the MTA raises its prices as well.

It was $2.88 and rising here this morning. I have no doubt it will go up over $3.00. OUCH!!

I thought Seattle had it bad! I haven’t seen anywhere with over $3 a gallon for regular gas – premium sure, but not regular.

$3.05 here in Orange County, CA…

I agree… it WILL hit $4 before it goes back down…

You might want to invest in a real heavy sweater!


It’s around $2.80 here, went up about .30 cents practically overnight. Luckily – down here, you never use your heat in the winter.

Yeah… Prices for a lot of other things too. Food, clothing and possibly anything else that needs to get transported via some sort of vehicle that requires gas or diesel. *sigh*

Actually, the gas station right across the street went from 2.98 this morning to 3.15 at noon. Youch!

Oh yeah, here in Jersey a few places went past 3 dollars last night even. Looks like it will be over 4 bucks within a week to a week and a half now.

Central Jersey. Just heard on the local radio news that a good deal of places are now above 3.10. Right across the street, gas is at 3.15.

Hehe… No worries here, I love it cold. I usually shut off my central air during the winter months at my place. However, it’s almost always non-stop for the entire summer, so it offsets itself… lol

puts a damper on any long distance dating…..will you make exception for a special occassion?

We’re running out in SC. We get most of our gas from the Gulf and the 2 pipelines that run it here are broken. We are out of regular and plus and only have premium for $3.20 a gallon. SC is usually known for being the cheapest gas in the country, too. Not anymore. Our governor is telling people not to drive anywhere if they don’t have to. Guess I better get out my bicycle! Had to cut our Florida trip this weekend. We were going to West Palm to stay with my dad and have a little mini-vacation but now we’re staying home and seeing how high we can level on City of Heroes!

Oh, maybe I should not complain so much. It’s just gone above $1.30 here (in Aus) but we are used to it being under $1 so it is still pretty shitty and definetely going to get worse…

I’m in Canada and it hit $1.25/L here today… .75 used to be expensive, then just the other day (Monday I think) I was excited to see .98 because I thought that was cheap…$1.25 is ridiculous! I drive a fuel efficient car but it’s still going to cost me $50 to fill my little tank!

Hmmm, what’s conversion rate again? Well, as long as someone on my friend’s list is paying something somewhat normal. 🙂

Wow that’s pretty pricey, however what’s the conversion rate? It’s something like 3 gallons and a bit to a liter right? So that’s pretty much what prices are expected to get to by the end of today again what you are paying now if it was the US dollar. Yeah, no matter what one drives, it’s going ot be a pricey fill up. 🙁

If my calculations are correct (they may not be I haven’t been up that long, no coffee yet, bad scene lol)…

1 gallon= approx. 4.5L so… I’m paying about $5.63 a gallon…. then there’s the exchange. To twist the nipple one more turn, oil rich Alberta is paying the same amount if not more right now! How sick is that?

The whole thing blows no matter where you live or what you drive.

Take care!


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I think it works out at about $2.20 US. So not as much as your paying, but still alot more than where used to…

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