Oh wow, the Inter Net

Ahhh, the move into the new place went very well.

I’m still tired as shit, but had to come in to work today to actually be able to use the internet and such. Fucking bastards at Comcast never gave us the common courtesy of the reach-around, so we’re cable and internet-less until this weekend. Place is nice though and there are some very very fine ladies living around us. One of which never wears any undies while doing backyard work in her real short skirt. Sure it’s bit trashy, but she’s hot, so you will never catch me complaining about seeing some young hot Mexican’s peach while she’s planting some flower or something. Hmmm, I could use a peach right about now… =)

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heh, yeah, even Cablevision doesnt give a reach-around. The nerve. 😉

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