Weekend goodness

This weekend was actually pretty crazy.

Sunday was unfortunately spent at work (being hung over to boot) and was not a pleasant experience. We have a file server that’s been acting a little flaky and since the place is not occupied on the weekend, it’s pretty much the only time I can do meaningful diagnostic work on it. Got a little farther with my diagnostics this past weekend, but the hangover made it real hard to concentrate, so I am postponing it to Friday night after work.

This weekend I’m moving to a much larger apartment with the roomie which is pretty cool. I also took off of work next week until Wednesday so that I can get all sorts of unpacked and aquatinted with the new place without too much worry. Luckily, we had a chat with the complex manager and we’re getting all new appliances since we were originally thinking of moving to another complex across the way and he did not like the sound of it. I’ve been hoarding Dell boxes at work in preparation of the move and it’s going to be funny seeing the reaction of my neighbors (which tend to be on the geeky side) when they see nothing but big ass Dell boxes coming into the new place.

Well, it’s about time I start getting ready for work. Took a half day to get rid of this awful headache I had since last night.

7 replies on “Weekend goodness”

Hmmm; wish I had an Asian guy. 😀
That sux about your journal. :/ Always one of my greatest fears. That’s why I put my shit on lock-down!!!!

I am honored to be on your filtered beyond normal friends only post…


Hmmm, why an Asian guy? Actually, I read some article a while ago that said Asian guys were the cool types to date.

Well, it was partly my fault that info was known so now I’ll just be a bit careful about stuff from now on.

Hey sweetie! We are back home now! I really wanted to see you, but between you working and us getting lousy reception up in the Poconos, it didn’t happen 🙁 Take a vacation soon!! 🙂

My last plaything was asian. He was so cute… I miss him. 🙁

Awww… Sorry to hear about the plaything is not around anymore… Hmmm, I could use a nice Asian plaything myself! Hey, let’s look together! =)

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