Your love is like bad medicine…

Today one of the women that works at my job came up to me and asked me if the license plate number she wrote down was mine. Now, anytime someone ever asks you that question, it usually means some fucked up shit happened to your car. So I answered yes and asked why, dreading some horrific answer like it’s on fire or something.

Apparently as she was parking, she scraped the rear bumper of my car with her front bumper. Honestly, I was quite relieved and I pretty much dismissed it there, but she insisted I follow her outside to at least offer to pay for the damages. As we’re walking outside, she’s visibly shaking and almost on the verge of tears and all I could do was tell her that it was all right. So from a distance, I can see the scrape marks on her driver side front bumper which wasn’t very bad at all. Then, she showed me where she hit and it was seriously nothing. I bent down and managed to rub off a lot of the damage and was left with 2 very small scratches on the rear bumper of my car. I told her that it was nothing a small bottle of touch up paint could fix and to not worry in the least bit about everything. She was all ready to get the police involved for a police report so that she could get it fixed. I assured her that everything was ok and that I really did not care in the least about it. I mean it’s a car for heaven’s sake. They can be fixed and replaced very easily, especially with damage that minimal. She seemed pretty shocked I took it so lightly, but I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of a $2.50 and 3.5 second job.

If anything, I just thanked her for coming up to me to let me know what happened. Most people around those parts would have just parked in a different spot and not let anyone know what happened.

In other news, I’m currently watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and let me tell you folks… I would give ANYTHING to have both Eliza Dushku and Shannon Elizabeth in my bed wearing those latex outfits from the movie. Boy am I going to have some very very nice dreams tonight… ~grins~

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i love that jay and silent bob film. It was absolutely hysterical! Not too into the women tho – would have silent bob tho!

those latex outfits are da shit!

I’d sell everything I have for a 3-some with them and the latex!


Thats very cool you were so nice about it.

I will never forget I got in an accident on Valentines Day one year – I had a BRAND NEW car – so it was 10 years ago… and I ran into a truck – that was also brand new. The whole front of my car was bent up, needed a whole new hood… he didnt have any damage and he was so cool about it… and I never would have been if I was in a brand new truck and someone hit me. But I think he felt bad cause my brand new car was fucked up so bad. Neither of us even had our lisence plates yet.

But I got out of the car and the first thing I said to him was “I knew I should have fucking stayed in bed today – FUCK Valentines Day” and he laughed and said, “Yeah, I got divorced on this day 5 years ago” so I think he felt bad for me. LOL

Im rambling.

So, include me in those hot dreams tonight k? ;-P

With all the bad things that go on around us everyday its nice to hear there are still some honest people around.

There should be more people like her. You were nice about it, and I think she deserved the break. 🙂

wow an honest person! did you take her picture ? they are becoming a rare siting ya know.Lol
I’m not into women and I’ve never seen Silent bob movies but Eliza Dunshku is very Hawt!

Hehe… It’s not one of my favorite Kevin Smith films, but it certainly is one of the funniest of the bunch! 🙂

“He LOVES the cock!”


Wow! Valentine’s Day accident?!?! Man that blows… AT least the other guy was really cool about it though. Rare to find that as well.

Hehe, oh yeah especially after that phone message ya left baby!!! 😉 I’ll haveta return the favor one of these days! 🙂

Yeah, honest people are on the endangered species list if you ask me… lol.

Wooo yeah Eliza… ~drools~

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